Modular chocolates to pair & share

22. February 2017


This is exactly the kind of chocolate I would enjoy on a Friday night, any night really… and YES! This is chocolate. Blending 3D printing, design and delicious chocolate. These modular chocolates combine in form and flavour to make something special. If you’re feeling lucky, you can enter to win your very own box to pair and share. These are my favourite flavors, the top one is Short Bread.


Cookies & CreamChocolates_083Single Origin Dark

Loup Fruit Bowl

22. February 2017


Loup began with a fresh look at an everyday object: the fruit bowl. Its abstract shape expresses its function only when occupied; otherwise, its purpose is left to the user’s imagination. Whether on the mantle or in use, this pared-down kitchen tool adds a subtle elegance to any room. A container to all, this fruit bowl is reduced to its most essential form. Its minimal material and clean aesthetic prove the Loup just as effective as its cumbersome predecessors.


Shop it here.

Cane collection

21. February 2017


Caning is a method of weaving surface used for furniture. The term for the material, cane, is derived from the peeled bark of the rattan stalk which is originally from a tropical area of the world and most commonly found in South East Asia. For the new collection 2016, “Cane Collection” is designed by Atelier 2+ and manufactured by PODIUM factory, the long history and expertise in woodcraft company in Thailand.


“The caned furniture has a unique quality that give warm and timeless texture to the interior space. It has a long tradition and history back in 17th century when European trade with Asian. We love the historical touch and sense of place when we work with this material and the craftsmanship process. The caning method has a long tradition since the colonial period in South East Asia. It’s interesting to see how tropical material has been traveled and live through the history in another side of the world. We try to capture the classic colonial interior and reinterpreted in new contemporary life style” – Atelier 2 +.


This is a material that I think we will see a lot more of, in 2017.

Coyote Negro Laminitas Earring

20. February 2017


These beautiful Coyote Negro Laminitas Earrings In Silver, has caught my eye. They have a rough shape and smooth surface, the perfect statement earrings. Unique, made by hand texture makes them all one of a kind. All pairs are irregular in size and shape. Shop them here.

Sundling Kickén

16. February 2017


Sundling Kickén is a stylist duo based in Gothenburg, Sweden, with a focus on interior and concept styling. With two sets of eyes and correlating minds the duo creates strong imagery and aim for poetry and nothing less. The outcome is a result of always asking the question what’s next? and to stay humble and perceptive to new impressions.


What drives them in their work is finding the right visual relationships, disharmonizing balance and to combine texture and surface that feels unexpected.  With a strong common voice they work close to create feelings, stories and content mainly for the editorial and contract scene. 1486750046110

I have followed both of their work for a long time and are exciting to see what the can create as a strong duo. They have just the kind of aesthetic that I love.


See more of their work here.

the beige rug

14. February 2017


After borrowing a beautiful beige rug from &tradition for a shoot, I have been obsessed with beige rugs. It fits so perfectly into my apartment and the light colours that I decorate with. I have been on the look out to find a permanent beige rug solution, that also fits my budget. This one from Zara Home has a nice colour and texture and it’s budget friendly. Get it here.

From Home

13. February 2017

french press

This is a little corner of my new side bord designed by Bruno Mathsson. I bought it on an auktion and it was almost too exciting for me. But I was the lucky buyer! There french press is from Stelton, the coral from Zara Home and the book to the right, is actual a lamp where the pages lights up! See more on my insta here.

Perfect Imperfect

7. February 2017


Perfect Imperfect

This book has been on my wish list for a while. Perfect Imperfect takes as its founding principle the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, advocating the beauty to be found in imperfection, impermanence and the authentic. Importantly, this is done without losing sight of the benefits of living in the 21st century, where designers are merging digital technology with the handmade to produce items that combine the best of both worlds.

This inspirational book, with thought-provoking text by Karen McCartney and stunning visuals by Sharyn Cairns and Glen Proebstel, is a celebration of accident, curation, collection, hesitation, collaboration, reuse, reimagining and true originality. Shop it right here.

A cosy bedroom

3. February 2017


Looking for some inspiration to capture that perfect feeling in the bedroom? A bedroom should be cosy, calm and inviting. You should feel relaxed and at home, the minute you enter the room. This is a bedroom styling done by IKEA. A warm beige vibe with a few personal touches. Start your bedroom makeover today and get the shopping list here.

ikea_kontinentalsang_inspiration_3 ikea_kontinentalsang_inspiration_4


2. February 2017


This is a chair that I grew up with. We had several in my childhood home. First they where yellow and today they are black leather, but still the same chairs. Until this day, they have been my favourite chair of all. Not only because of the memory but also because they are damn good to sit in.

The two new colours of 2017 has just been revealed and it is a new interpretation of Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Series 7 in feminine colours of the Japanese cherry blossoms.


Both major colours this season a deep-red merlot and a nude. The two new editions is of course limited and available at Fritz Hansen. I am really think of getting my hands on these once and keep the family tradition going!


All images by Fritz Hansen

For the book shelf: Home

31. January 2017



“Ten years of collaboration between a photographer and a stylist, this publication is to show the ever-present essence of it all; to capture the spirit of a place called Home.”

Home is the first book in the collaboration between graphic designer Matilda Plöjel, photographer Petra Bindel and stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg. It’s a collection of six different homes photographed in six different cities around the world. Shop the book here.

A luxury statement

30. January 2017


A luxury statement

The interior of this apartment project, really hits the spot on the interior trend for 2017. With a mix af steel, dark wood, coloured walls and marble are all key materials, this year. The apartement is styled by talented Marie Ramse and photographed by Emily Laye.

inspiration_vardagsrum_588c46f7ddf2b308e23b4b40 pierre_jeanneret_stol_588c47b92a6b224b8f2ff91a kok_kalksten_588c4791ddf2b308fb5d37f3Hitta-hem-Premium-K5-köksö Hitta-hem-Premium-Kajen-5-sovrum-Montana-Vipp

See the rest of the apartment here.

Tom Dixon goes liquid

25. January 2017

Royalty Hand Balm and Wash

British designer Tom Dixon has taken the trend for design-led accessories to the next level – by launching a range of products that even includes washing-up liquid.

Dixon’s design brand aimed to “explore the bathroom and the kitchen sink” and hi has done it with perfection. Washing dishes has never been more fun!

“We have been working on a multitude of hotel bathrooms, spas, apartments and restaurants and this revealed a new found passion for bathrooms. After working on some of the harder, tougher components of lighting and storage, it all felt a bit incomplete without the softer elements… so it seemed natural to start thinking of the lotions and potions of this most cleansing of spaces.” – Tom dixon


Photo by Tom Dixon

sunday strolling

24. January 2017


I really enjoy getting the most of my weekends and if I get the chance to visit one of the local museum in Copenhagen, I am even more happy. This weekend I visited the National Gallery of Denmark. I really love the architecture of the building, it is so majestic!


light & airy

23. January 2017


Todays inspiration is a light and airy apartment Södermalm, Sweden. Styled almost white in white, with a few neutral colours as contrast. The the whole apartment here.

Photos by Fantastic Frank

Iki Doll Vase

22. January 2017


Iki Doll Vase

These beautiful glass vases from Serax, reminds of air ballons from a fairytale! I would just use them asa sculpture and not as a vase. Shop them here.

&tradition SS17

19. January 2017


Catch, Jaime Hayon’s first contribution to &tradition’s collection, is a chair that welcomes you with open arms. Its armrests extend from the shell like literal limbs, ready to embrace you as you sit down. In addition to being 
a witty personification, it is also an eye-catching piece of design.


Copenhagen Pendant by Space Copenhagen in new materials, matt opal glass in combination with darkened brass, for a more soft glow.


With the idea to combine the Italian and Danish traditions of making sofas, Luca Nichetto deigned Cloud in 2015. Cloud has the defined shape of the Danish design tradition and the soft and cosy pillows of the Italian heritage. I especially love the name of the collection, so dreamy!


Photos by &Tradition, photographers Brian Buchard, Irina Boersma & Peter Krasilnikoff

Vase Cubique

19. January 2017


Vase Cubique

I like when classic products has an alternative shape, like this small cube vase by Serax that has an oval opening made in clear glass.

Shop it here.

wish list

16. January 2017


Sconce Brass

Malin Appelgrens design is aesthetic simplicity, craftsmanship and raw materials. Conce in hammered brass that gives a magical light. The materials becomes more beautiful with age and that is what I like about products in real material like brass. Don’t restrict yourself to only hanging photos on the wall, a beautiful candle holde or object can do just the trick.

Shop it here.


15. January 2017


Menu’s new 2017 collection present even more furniture and design objects for the minimalist. Grey marble and wood tones create a calm and warm atmosphere. And the new trending material chrome and steel, goes well with the still-on-trend brass details.


Echassé Vase: “échasse” is French for stilts.


Plinth is a series of podiums, available in three sizes.


The Darkly Mirror takes inspiration from ceramic bowls filled with water which were supposed to be the earliest mirrors according to some historians.


Cage Table with grey marble top and slender chrome steel legs.

Photos by Menu

new vase

14. January 2017


Some times you discover a pretty object, that just speaks to you in the most right way. This is exactly how it was with this vase, and it was even on sale! As the only one on the shelf, It just looked too lonely all by itself.


Vase/Zara Home  Pitcher/Ferm Living

IKEA spring news

12. January 2017


This Spring IKEA has a range of new products that make the home a more beautiful and functional place to be. We’re launching two new kitchen fronts with strong expressions and affordable price tags – one of these fronts is made entirely from recycled material! On the storage front, there are two new series that work across the home, as well as clever accessories for familiar storage series that help maximize the use of space.


HyperFocal: 0

They are also introducing a seating family in a traditional style and a range of new textiles to get cosy with, featuring painterly patterns to natural materials. To decorate the home there are vases, deco objects and pictures that refresh the room – right in time to get ready for springtime!

HyperFocal: 0

HyperFocal: 0

HyperFocal: 0

In stores from February at IKEA. 

// Photos by IKEA

Doodle Mug

12. January 2017


I have a thing for tea and coffee mugs, Doodle Mug by btw Ceramics. Each mug features a different and unique doodle design. Beautifully crafted and designed with irregularities that capture the maker’s hand.

All mugs are handmade, each piece is unique and may vary slightly in shape and size from the image shown.


11. January 2017


This 72 square meters apartment in Sweden – Södermalm, is a dreamy home for any minimalist. With a cool grey vibe accompanied by rusty earthy tones



The colorless and airy bedroom gives the feeling that you are sleeping in a cloud.


These beautiful pedestals designed by Matti Carlson are perfect to display some of your most precious items and for those odd corners that are not big enough for actual furniture.


If you love this apartment and want to live in Sweden, you can buy it right here.

Photos by Fantastic Frank

All Blues

10. January 2017


Being a big fan of contemporary jewellery and very big earrings, this jewellery brand is too god to be true. All Blues is a Stockholm based fine jewellery brand for women and men, founded in 2010 by the two old friends Fredrik Nathorst and Jacob Skragge.

Every piece of jewellery is handcrafted in Stockholm by expert artisans at a third generation foundry, using solid 925 sterling silver and 18ct gold.


Built on a multidisciplinary approach to packaging, campaign and retail experience, All Blues aim to create luxury jewellery people want to collect.

Alongside the permanent core collection Hungry & Satiated Snakes, All Blues releases micro collections continuously. The Egg shell and Egg white earring, are amongst my favorites.


New corners

9. January 2017


I have always been painting and sketching when I was younger, but I haven’t really prioritized it for a while. So during the holidays, I took it up again because I really enjoy it, and also because I have been struggling with my wrist (too much scrolling on Instagram) and this is a good way to do something else. I have always had too small of a head, for all my ideas. The best ideas comes just before I close my eyes or when I am biking around the city. For this reason, I keep a notebook on my bedside table, to make last minute sketches and write down ideas. When I am on the go, I write it down on my phone.


Bowl/Norman Cph  Painting made my Me.



The Moor Rug

8. January 2017


If your want to make your home more tactile, go for a rug! It gives a great dividing of spaces, a better acoustic and gives a great cozy vibe. This beautiful champagne coloured rug, is from &tradition, designed by talented All the way to Paris. I just wanna lie on it all day and read magazines.

Rug/&tradition  Tray/Hay  Face cream/Aesop  Pillow/Skriver

Bedroom reflections

7. January 2017


Today the first snow hit Copenhagen. These cold days really makes me appreciate the sunny weekends. This is a little corner from my bedroom. The mirror was originally hanging above my bed, but I moved it to this little corner and it really makes the light spread.


Dresser/Montana  Lamp/New Works  Mirror/IKEA

Sofia Salazar

5. January 2017


Meet Sofia Salazar, another great talent I discovered through Instagram. Sofia Salazar is an Argentinian textile designer, currently living in the UK. It ins not a coincidence that she became a textile design as both of her parents are artists and always worked freelance.

“I grew up surrounded by people that ‘made things’ for a living. Whether it was clothing, accessories, tapestries or even houses, they were building, they were creating – and that really had an impact on my whole perception of life and family and career. I feel very lucky to have been raised among them.”

– Sofia Salazar

She makes hand-embroidered sweatshirt and accessories, all made to order. It takes a week for your sweatshirt to be ready. See a video of how she works here.


“Being the owner of my time and able to work only with what I consider worth it. That’s success, that’s what I want in my life.” – Sofia Salazar


Prosperina Sweatshirt


Support the unique and visit her webshop here or get inspired by her work on Instagram here. The FaceOff sweatshirt is my favourite, it would look good in a beige version.


What to buy // #1

20. December 2016


Do you need the last Christmas present or just something to treat yourself during the holidays? Earthy colures and textures and pretty objects in organic shapes.

Vase / Zara Home

Sculptural Chair / Kristina Dam

Espresso maker / Stelton

Book rest / Bolia

Fold stool / Olivier Gregoire

Nordic Deco

19. December 2016


Nordic deco

Todays inspiration is this beautiful photo from one of my favorite locations in Copenhagen – The Vilhelm Lauritzen terminal. A beautiful old building with amazing shapes. The Nordic deco interior trend is a mixture of the simple nordic style and art deco. The shiny metal surfaces gives a great kontrast to the wood elements.

Photo by Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Colour coding

15. December 2016


Colour coding

This is four photos from one of the best stylist in Norway Krakvik & D’Orazio. These photos could easily be from the same editorial, but they are not. The tone in tone styling is really beautiful and very pure. Styled by Krakvik & D’Orazio and photographed by Siren Lauvdal.

nyttrom-01-042b3a4bf875f4bb818f33c1ca24ae9e nyttrom-03-e5980ab380959c532d8c09a710f37475 nyttrom-04-a7a69da09c6216d6d2b8b1efdb3cceda

A bigger bolder Kinfolk

13. December 2016


Kinfolk has made some changes to their printed magazine, to give all of us loyal readers a more immersive and dynamic experience. Featuring an elegant new design, the latest print issue of Kinfolk is larger in size and offers more of our favorite content. Inside, there’s an exciting new mix of papers, formats, features and sections, including a special themed section in each issue.


Online, too, has relaunched with a design refresh and a daily roster of exciting & original stories along with a new gallery space in central Copenhagen, worthy of great art, interesting dinners and fabulous celebrations.


“Kinfolk is an iconic and beloved title, and this redesign looks to evolve its aesthetic while retaining the magazine’s sensitive approach to photographic art direction. The new larger size and 12-column grid allow for more flexibility within the layouts and help vary the pace throughout the magazine. We’ve also introduced a coated paper for the feature section to celebrate the exceptional longer form photographic pieces”  

– Alex Hunting, a London-based award-winning art director and Kinfolk design director.


As always, Kinfolk remains dedicated to exploring personal values and quality of life. Delving deeper into home, work, design, travel, fashion and culture, Kinfolk inspires its readers to approach life with intention, energy and a sense of community. I can’t wait to receive my copy in the mail, so I can enjoy it during the Holidays.


Zoe Plant Stand

12. December 2016

5520289500003_000_e 5520289500003_000_d

Zoe Plant Stand

Do you have a space in your apartment that you don’t really know what do with? This is where this type of uncategorized furniture comes in. This little plant stand from Urban Outfitters is the perfect furniture to fill out that corner or space you have. Fill it up with pretty plants, beautiful books or a new lamp. Shop it here.

George’s outdoor

9. December 2016




George’s Outdoor

This is the latest collection from Living Divani’s, a dynamic and vibrant family-owned company, established in the 1970’s. My favourite from Outdoor Collection is the George’s Chair by David Lopez which displays a black supporting frame and wave in waxed rope, seat in solid Iroko wood. It could easily work as a chair for the dining room as well. The combination of that and the Notes Table by Massiomo Mariani, is perfect for any minimalist.

Photography / Tommaso Sartori
Styling /  Ossino Studio

Instagram of the week: Arc Objects

8. December 2016


Arc Objects

This weeks instagrammer is @arc_objects by Daniela Jacobs. A very beautiful feed showcasing jewelry and home objects from her own collection ARC, together with interior styling and contemporary editorial photos. The whole look of the profile is very light and airy and there are some fantastic angels in the images. See more here.

My living room

5. December 2016


My Living room

Today I worked from home. A Danish interior magazine came by to make an editorial. It is always fun to have someone from the outside to look at your interior design. We decided to move my big armchair to another corner and it actually works quite well.


If you are tired of your interior you don’t always need new furniture. You just need to move things around and sometime into another room. You will be surprise with how big of a difference it will make. If you are really brave, paint a wall! I am dreaming of a wall colour from this catalogue.


SL by Reform

1. December 2016


SL by Reform

If you are looking for kitchen inspiration, watch out! Reform just launched a new collaboration, this time with Sigurd Larsen. A Berlin based Danish architect working within the fields of architecture and furniture design. His award winning design studio was founded in 2009.


Sigurd Larsen’s work combines aesthetics of high quality materials with a strong focus on how the functions is working in design and in more complex spaces.

It was precisely these beliefs that made the outcome of his kitchen design for Reform. Sigurd Larsen has designed a kitchen that at the same time is a function and experience space where the keywords was simple, beautiful and logic.


As we are spending a lot of our time in the kitchen, it was important for Sigurd Larsen to design surfaces that could resist being used. The kitchen is made of thin layers of metal/aluminium that has been shaped by simply cutting, folding and assembly as a way to create a simple and flexible system. The simple, clean lines that are created by the way of working with the material is forming a quiet setting in a room full of activity. The folds provide a clean and clear expression that through its powder coating of surfaces are pleasant to touch. The new SL kitchen comes in three colours, white, steel & antracit. The last one is my favourite.


See the new SL kitchen here:


// Photos by Reform

The Night Owl lamp

30. November 2016

night-owl-lightyears-4 night-owl-lightyears-2 night-owl-lightyears-3 night-owl-lightyears-5

The Night Owl lamp

Nicholai Wiig Hansen’s inspiration for designing the Night Owl table lamp was the desire to create a Nordic warm and cosy wash of light. The design is effortless and expresses that this is an informal table lamp. It consists of a conical base and oval shade, merging together to form a single unit of balanced proportions. Its organic design gives the lamp a friendly and almost human appearance – it’s a lamp with a personality!

The names of the colours are inspired by nature: midnight blue after the infinity blue tone of the sky at twilight; and smokey white after the glowing light of a full moon. The shade can even be placed in four different positions, allowing the black cable to exit the lamp in the desired direction. The white and wooden combination is my favourite of them all. Get it here.

Images by Lightyears

KBH x Sonos

28. November 2016


KBH x Sonos

Sound and design meet in a harmonious cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Home-audio innovators Sonos have teamed up with Copenhagen-based design workshop KBH Københavns Møbelsnedkeri to create a piece of furniture that embodies style, comfort and a love of music.

“The KBH lounge chair designes to create the perfect set-up for an immersive listening experience”

The result is the KBH lounge chair, a custom piece specially designed to create the perfect set-up for an immersive listening experience. See more about this amazing collaboration here.




27. November 2016


// Giveaway //

I am throwing a monochrome Giveaway on my Instagram. If you want to win this pretty edition of the classic KEVI chair designed by Mads Nørgaard x Engelbrechts, participate here.


90° Wall Light

24. November 2016


I was immediately inspired by this photo shared by @framacph today on Instagram. The colour combo gives me a feeling of Autumn and Christmas and the lamp has been on my wish list for ages!

Photo by @framacph



22. November 2016



Eyes on // Overose

Overose is a Parisian based perfume house with an unapologetic approach on the mysterious animalic facets. Through ongoing innovation, Overose calls for an endless quest for quality and newness that fosters more well-being, more pleasure, more emotion. Finding new properties and applications in the most traditional extracts, Overose aims to produce all products as responsibly as possible, strengthening close ties with nature. Each candle fuses with globally sourced wildcrafted and some organic essential oils, co2 extracts and absolutes.

The collections are defined by Overose signature juxtaposing a unique sensuality and attention to detail, with an emphasis on animalic notes and an eclectic use of aromatics and custom developed tinctures.

Overose is housed within the historic — rue des martyrs in the heart of Paris in the 9th district.


20. November 2016



The KEVI chair is designed by architect Jørgen Rasmussen in 1958, and has since sold more than 2.5 million originals. Apart from its simple design and sublime functionality the chair is renowned for the double-wheel castor.

Engelbrechts and famous Danish fashion designer Mads Nørgaard have made a collaboration and created a striped version of the classic KEVI chair. The chair is made out of fabric from Kvadrat which just makes it even better. Known for the classic stripe Mads Nørgaard is the right designer to give the iconic chair a new but classic look.

KEVI x Mads Nørgaard is available with a fully opholstred backrest and with a back in plastic.

This post is in partnership with Engelbrechts. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


Melo – Dark edition

18. November 2016

gallery20 gallery25 gallery21 gallery24 gallery22

Melo Dark Edition is a creative collab between Melo and Therese Sennerholt, two independent and small Swedish design brands that share the ambition to create timeless products – in terms of aesthetics, design and quality. Dark Edition is a meeting between Melo’s humble minimalistic furnitures and Therese Sennerholt’s graphic and characteristic prints. See the whole collection here.

Bathroom styling by Lotta Agaton

15. November 2016

lotta-agaton-bathroom-styling-kristofer-johnsson-02 lotta-agaton-bathroom-styling-kristofer-johnsson-01

I’m am thrilled about this pretty bathroom styling by Lotta Agaton for Residence Magazine, shot by Kristofer Johnsson. See the more of Lottas work here.

Flexible living by Bang & Olufsen

14. November 2016


Flexible living

The first tv & stereo we had when I was growing up, was Bang & Olufsen. My father believed that it was the best on the marked and wanted to save up and get something with high quality. They still have the stereo hanging on the wall even though it can only play CD’s and radio and they also have some beautiful speakers. We had the tv for a long time before switching to a flatscreen like everyone else. But I fill like when buying a product like an iconic tv from Bang & Olufsen, it is not about the latest technology. It is about feelings, great design and history.


Bang & Olufsen was founded in 1925 in Struer, a small town in the north western part of Denmark, by two enterprising young engineers, Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen. They created the business that was to become an international design icon and a global symbol of audio-visual excellence.

Today Bang & Olufsen is world renowned for its distinctive range of quality products that combine technological excellence with emotional appeal in a sensational design language.


Today I live in a newly build rental apartment and when you live in a rental you have the compromise on the details. Not something I particular enjoy but the apartment have many other great qualities. The biggest issue since we moved in has been the tv. The wall where the tv is supers to hang, is only big enough to fit a 32′. If we go bigger the tv would cover the windows on both sides and that would cross my aesthetic boarder too much.


So we decided to go for a tv with a foot instead, and I feel really lucky to get to try the new Beovision Horizon for a few weeks, to really test it out. It comes with multiple options when it comes to the foot. The round foot is so minimal and reminds me of an easel where the tv is the painting. But if I where to invest in this beautiful tv, I would go for the more classic foot with wheels,  for the maximum flexibility. In our home we have a no-tv-in-the-bedroom-plicy but it would be nice if you could easily move it into the bedroom on those days where you are just more comfortable, watching a movie in bed. My favourite feature on the tv is the movie theatre effect, where the curtains closes when you turn it of. Those small details really makes the product! See how I also styled the Beovision Horizon right here.

Sponsored by Bang & Olufsen, styling and words by me. All opinions are my own.

Archetto for Fogia

13. November 2016

archetto_033 archetto_053

Archetto for Fogia

Archetto is a smaller sibling to the arch series, a series of beautiful shelves designed by Note Studio. This little wall mounted shelf offers a generous surface for all of your most precious items. I think this would be the perfect way to start my Arch collection.


12. November 2016


“Focus” is a new, more intimate product series within Zilenzio´s collection designed by NOTE. From the designers experience as designer and nomader, working from hotel & Café we often get the feeling that within shared public spaces people need something that helps them create their own personal space, within this larger context. Focus is a textile space divider, exible to shape after your needs. The Focus table screen version creates a personal zone in public spaces. It can be easily folded and stored close by after use -perfect for activity based oce, or traveller working caring focus in the backpack. The light and foldable construction of the all Focus screens makes it easy to move around and to adapt to the needs of a exible working space. I am thinking about getting one for my bedroom to hang clothes on and get a cosier vibe. Either of these two colours would do!


8. November 2016


The Fiora collection is made by the danish designer Stine Goya. She took a dive into the Kähler archives of pottery making and found techniques that she found interesting. This vase reminds me of something vintage yet something new. It has a mat, shiny and gold glaze the kind of details that I have only seen on handmade pottery. Stine really has a great eye for details in that way. This os one of my favorites from the collection along with the golden vase. See more from the collection here.


Styling by me.

Monday Dreaming

7. November 2016


My hunt for the perfect lounge chair has been paused temporarily by an IKEA solution. Not that there is anything wrong with that, 70% of my apartment is from IKEA. But the Wassily Lounge Chair by Marcel Breuer is on the top of my must-get-can’t-live-without-list. I have always loved the Bauhaus style so I am more than thrilled to see it return. Get more inspiration from my Pinterest bord dedicated to amazing furniture right here.

Softly Structured

6. November 2016


art_soul_7Softly Structured

Uterqüe was set up in 2008 with a clear aim: to restore accessories to their rightful place in women’s wardrobes. It is a Latin word that means “one thing and the other”or “both”, and which nicely sums up the philosophy that accessories are the perfect complement to a well-rounded look.

They are really good at crating small stories that not only inspires your next wardrobe purchase but also a lifestyle and interior.

Since it was created, the company has evolved to include a carefully selected Ready To Wear collection in which quality materials and attention to detail are of the utmost importance.

See the rest of the story here.

Palette Still Life Editorial by Lisa Jahovic

3. November 2016


I stumbled upon this editorial, a very restricted colour palette with od but beautiful styling featured. An editorial really celebrates the soft minimalism interior trend and the pale tone in tone scandinavian colour palette. If you love it just at much as I do you can see the whole editorial here.

palette-by-lisa-jahovic-3 palette-by-lisa-jahovic-4

Photography – Thomas Baker
Art Direction + Set Design – Lisa Jahovic + Helen Sirp

Fold Chair

2. November 2016


Fold Chair

When I first saw this chair on instagram I was utterly amazed. A product that really proves what the right colour, shape and material can do. It has been popping up ever since on several digital platforms and I am dying to see it in reality! I think we will see this one as a classic in 30 years.

Fold Chair by Olivier Gregoire


Tristan Auer

1. November 2016

77 64 114 102

I just discovered the architect Tristan Auer. A french architect who really hits the spot wen it comes to the most hyped interior trend right now – Soft Minimalism. This residence has a cold yet warm colour scale and not fuss just a few but perfect selected furniture. See more of his work here. 

Recent news

30. October 2016


Recent news

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of the high street brand & Other Stories. I got a hold of their SS/2017 lookbook and I am definitely looking forward to this white knit dress hits the stores. For now I am testing their new Chamray Micellar Water, always such minimal packaging! The perfume oil by Maison Louis Marie is a little souvenir from my latest trip to California.

Uncompromising Design

29. October 2016


Uncompromising Design                                                                                                                   Sponsored

Growing up with a father who told us not to run past the TV because he loved his Bang & Olufsen. television so much, I now have the same love for this brand who compromise on nothing. We still have the iconic CD player hanging on the wall and the CD’s in it has not been switch out for years. With the same love as my father for this brand I am thrilled to get the chance to work with such an iconic design company like Bang & Olufsen.

14858804_10153951693661570_1983785368_o 14895627_10153951693706570_787567214_o

 I just unpacked these beauties from its many boxes. The Beosound 1 which is a wireless speaker with a base like you won’t believe it and the stunning Beovision Horizon television that is an artwork in itself, with clean lines and multiple floor stands to choose from for maximum flexibility. I can’t wait to watch series and listen to my favourite playlist!


After moving into a new apartment with 8 panorama windows in the living room, it has been hard to find a place to hang the tv without covering the windows and compromising my aesthetics. We have tried several solutions but I hope we will be wiser after testing a television with a flexible stand like the Beovision Horizon.


In collaboration with Bang & Olufsen words and styling by me.

Luxury continental apartment

28. October 2016

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Luxury continental apartment

Believe it or not. This is a one room apartment in Sweden and has the highest price per square meter. With an amazing view the Continental apartments are the first of their kind in Sweden to offer full hotel services weather it is gym, pool dry-cleaning or room service! The apartment i styled by talented Annaleena and photographed by Jesper Florbrant. More information of the apartment is found Eklund Stockholm New York.

Source: Residence


Instagram of the week: Maria Van Nguyen

18. October 2016



Instagram of the week: Maria Van Nguyen

If you are into contemporary fashion, art and design @MariaVanNguyen is the one to follow. I really like that she doesn’t go for the obvious pose and  her pictures has a way of standing out and fitting together at the same time with the mix og black and white and colour. If you already have a girl crush check out her blog!

Photos by @MariaVanNguyen

Beautifully Understated New Zealand Home

17. October 2016

25_su_douglasbec_006-700x97414_su_douglasbec_007-700x1005 21_su_douglasbec_004-700x963 24_su_douglasbec_012  30_su_douglasbec_005

Beautifully understated New Zealand Home

This New Zealand home really hits the right mood that is focus on within interior design. It is all about a warm welcoming space with a varm and friendly colour palette. The cold monochrome days are over and we are seeing a huge focus on fabric, texture and earthy colours. This home could easily had been a Scandinavian home. See more photos over at the Sight Unseen.

Photos: Pippa Drummond


Focus on – Finn Juhl

16. October 2016



Growing up in a home with Danish design I have always had a love for the classic furniture that lasts a lifetime and fits in, in any type of home. With a focus on craftsmanship, material and design Finn Juhl has created just such type of furniture. Furniture you don’t buy because of the latest trends, but because you want a solid piece of design that can tell a story about your everyday life, the day you decide to pass it on.


Last week I visited this beautiful showroom of Onecollection that has the exclusive rights to produce Finn Juhl’s iconic furniture from the 1940’s and 50’s. Since then, the company has re-launched a comprehensive range of Juhl’s designs. Along with the well-known Finn Juhl classics, Onecollection manufactures contemporary furniture of a very high quality.


Even though Finn Juhl’s furniture is designed back in the 1940’s I still find his design quite modern. My home is contemporary with a focus on minimalism, many of his furniture would fit perfectly into my home like the iconic Pelican chair that is designed in various colours and combinations.

14724116_10153912944961570_1388460699_o-2 14689903_10153912944871570_606917423_o

One of my favorite designs is the 57 Sofa. A very elegant sofa with a unique and timeless design language. Also one of the very first of Finn Juhl’s design that Onecollection re-launched. I could see this in a nice creamy colour scale fit like a glove in my livingroom. See more of Finn Juhl’s designs here.

“One cannot create happiness with beautiful objects, but one can spoil quite a lot of happiness with bad ones.” Finn Juhl


All photos are styled and photographed by me.

5 things I use a shopper for

12. October 2016
Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.

Origami shopper

I am fascinated by anything origami inspired like this new shopper from the Iittala x Issey Miyake collaboration. A shopper is something that I use daily. It’s practical when you are on the go and don’t know what the weather brings you. It needs to fit folded into my “real” bag, so I can bring it with me at all times and it should be made in a nice fabric and/or have a nice print.

5 things I use a shopper for:

For grocery shopping (any type of shopping really)

To carry my laptop in is so my expensive designer bag (I only have one btw) don’t get bend out of shape because of the weight

When my hand luggage is getting too crowded but I still need to store two pairs of shoes and three sweaters somewhere

To cover my bike saddle when its wet

To put my real bag in when I am biking home from work (which I do every day) and it is pouring down



Mute by Joanne Lu

9. October 2016


Mute by Joanne Lu

Mute is a Fashion brand that I discovered through Instagram, Instagram is amazing that way! When I booked the ticket to San Francisco I knew that I had to located a shop or a studio to see more. Launched in October 2014 by Joanne Lu, Mute design limited edition collections in San Francisco and travel to China every season to help handcraft the clothes out of the studio in Shanghai. Joanne knew that she had to block out all the noise in order to create something real and pure, so she came up with the name Mute. A name that fits pretty well with the contemporary and timeless style.


Inspired by the mild Northern California climate, they do not follow traditional seasonal cycles in their design process. Rather, each piece is wearable year round and can be layered with ease or as a powerful piece on its own. Their international customer base includes buyers located in Shanghai, Taiwan, Paris, and all across the United States. I was so lucky to get the chance to visit the studio with very short notice. Joanne is a very talented and humbled woman with a great talent for quality and design and with a fetish for packaging, just like my self. It is always great to meet another creative mind and get inspired. I brought back two pieces with me that I had been eying out on instagram for a while…


Mute specializes in womenswear designed to illustrate the subtlety in style of our Chinese heritage. Each piece begins with a story and each story can be found in the knit, the shape, the texture, or in the pattern of the clothes. They emphasize quality, comfort, and detail so each item is durable and created for day-to-day life. All of their pieces are produced in limited batches from their handcrafted studio in Shanghai and carefully transported back to their temporary home in San Francisco.
Items are then carefully packaged and shipped from San Francisco onto their destinations.


A shelf with inspiring books, and packaging design at the Mute studio.


This jacket was one of my favorites. I love the light blue shade in the scandinavian climate. It fits perfectly with pale skin, but I could have bought the whole collection. Definitely one of my new favourite brands. Visit the Mute webshop here.

Instagram of the week: Cate Sthill

6. October 2016


Instagram of the week: Cate Sthill

Cate is another woman I met recently. It is always great to connect with people you admire, in reality. There is so much inspiration and great friendships to gain. Cate is an interior and design blogger based in London, UK. She is a talented journalist (assistant editor at Blueprint magazine), an interiors enthusiast, wandering traveller and home stylist. Her blog has a scandinavian feel to it which I love. I check out her instagram on a daily basis where I follow the steps of her decorating her first house.

Pair Chair

5. October 2016


The perfect Pair

What out! There is a new stacking chair in town. With focus on aesthetic and functionality the Pair Chair for Fritz Hansen is a modular system of polymer, steel and plywood seating components with over 8,000 possible combinations, offering a product adaptable to any interior environment or specification. Layer is the very first British design agency to launch a product with the renowned Danish furniture brand.

“Benjamin has inspired us and created something really new, with a strong emotional story, whilst still embracing the Fritz Hansen DNA. Jacob Holm, CEO Fritz Hansen

new knit

11. September 2016

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new knit

I celebrated my birthday yesterday. I am turning 29 next Sunday, the last year in my twenties! But I am celebrating the day in San Francisco so I think I’m gonna be alright. My family came over for lunch yesterday and this beautiful knit was one of the presents that I got. I really like the colour, it’s called Golden Hazel. Shop it here.

Dreamy & Creamy

7. September 2016

SFD62CF87E920D043888BDA7BBCCD5E2713_2000x SFDC33923B3F4FB4EDEB66C93A1048DC835_2000x SFD3A6ED48081CE4917BF03B5B6757CBD16_2000x SFD901EAA2C0F2D4110A7BE280E52C046FB_2000x SFD29CDFF9ACD304B399319DD264AFC64DD_2000x

Dreamy & Creamy

I am loving this apartment located in Stockholm. A completely dreamy and creamy space with a very calm vibe. With only 30 kvm, the apartment is decorated to perfection and with a big love for beige, I am loving the heavy beige drapes!
Stockholm / 1 Room / 30 kvm /
Photos by Fantastic Frank


3. September 2016

14202849_10153798023851570_495291112_o 14191343_10153798023986570_1303238384_o


Today I spend the day with my sister. We had lunch on the danish street Værnedamsvej. A little street buzzing with creative shops, small cozy cafes and if you are lucky, a flea market! We of course visited the Aesop flagship store and a great little optician and tried one a massive amount of vintage glasses. A great way to spend this day with shifting weather.

Bold Chair

3. September 2016

9107_d414da623d-bg01_1-big-bold Bold_Chair_Moustache_Artilleriet-700x906

Bold Chair

The Bold chair by Moustache has really caught my eye. It is so original and the texture of the chair is something new compared to steel and wooden frames. Here, the frame is the chair. Made up of two tubular parts in metal embedded in each other, the Bold chair is an updated version of the tradition of a bended chair in tubular steel. Inflated with a thin polyurethane foam, the line drawn by the Bold successfully plays the role of foot, seat then back and gives it an amazing level of comfort. With a single stroke, in the manner of the Osvaldo Cavandoli Linea, and thickened similarly to the font which is made bold, the Bold chair succeeds in doing away with the seat and back. Covered with a removable textile coating, the Bold chair can change colour. Really practical!


1. September 2016

DSC_0324 DSC_0330


One of my treasurable items at home is my KIZU lamp. It has been on my wish list for a very long time. I like that it looks like a sculpture and not like a lamp. I love the description on the lamp.

Composed of two bold sculptural forms, the Kizu Table Lamp displays a weightless balancing act. The illusion of gravity creates a tension within the piece, while its curved forms initiate a calming effect. This kissing point of material and function creates an object in perfect harmony.

Picture by @septemberedit


31. August 2016

2016-08-30 01.50.44


A little corner in my bedroom. I use this bench to stack small items, shoes and clothes that I decide not to wear. The bonbonniere is from Stelton and is called PEAK. The pretty white boxes is from & Other Stories, love that shop…

Remember to check out my instastory!

BYREDO Unnamed perfume

29. August 2016

Skærmbillede 2016-08-29 kl. 15.58.19

BYREDO Unnamed perfume

BYREDO celebrates ten years of creation with a new unnamed fragrance. I have Bal d’ Afrique at home but I am dying to try this one as the BYREDO fan I am.

Ben Gorham decided to propose a nameless fragrance that leaves everyone free to create their own interpretation, with no semantic boundaries. The set of letters included allows limitless chances to find the perfect name and to let emotions and memories be the guide.

No name. No direction. Just an immaculate label; the promise of a story to write as your own. A blank page upon which your feelings may flow.
From the moment he founded Byredo, Ben Gorham has created fragrances with words that he then gives over to perfumer Jérôme Epinette. He knows their power. How they can influence perception. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Byredo, Ben Gorham decided to propose a nameless fragrance that leaves us free to create our own associations, with no semantic boundaries.

Please note that the Unnamed perfume bottle will be delivered blank with a personalization kit.


Top: Pink Pepper, Gin Accord
Heart: Orris Stem, Lush Violet
Base: Treemoss, FirBalsam
Get it here.


28. August 2016

14139328_10153781871706570_2131375930_o 14191832_10153781871701570_1266095563_o


Friday I visited Chart Art Fair at Charlottenborg Palace. If you saw my instastory that day you where in for a treat! There where many great artist showcasing and a lot of great inspiration. One piece that really blew my mind was the pavilion SKUM by BIG.

Story Hotel

23. August 2016

14124102_10153768358091570_488984954_o 14075032_10153768358236570_463470553_o


Story Hotel

I just landed in Stockholm and checked in at my hotel. I am staying at Story Hotel, a hotel that I have wanted to try for so long. Already at the entrance it met all of my expectations. It was even beter then I imagined. You feel at home right away and it almost have a Paris-feel to it. It is the kind of hotel that makes you wanna stay in and not explore the city, just because every detail is perfect. You can find me at the hotel restaurant tonight and afterwards the hotel bar. I need to explore every corner before I check out tomorrow morning! See more insights on my Instagram and insta story.

Instagram of the week: Hannah

21. August 2016


Instagram of the week: Hannah

So the Instagram I am recommending today, is owned by a pretty cool woman. Half Brit, half Danish. She started her blog after being sick for a long time and had to give up her job as an interior designer. Now she is a full time badass blogger with a positive mind and a big smile. I met her for the first time a few days ago, at a great party in Copenhagen. Check out her insta @han_house.

Big news!

21. August 2016


Big news!

So… I have some big news. I am nominated as “Best European interior blog”, at the Amara Interior Blog Awards! I am so happy and honored to be considered for this award, amongst very talented fellow bloggers from around the world. It would mean a lot to me, to get your vote. Vote for September edit here.


thank you!



16. August 2016



The design duo Pool created these two geometric sofas. ‘Hotel lobbies are moving landscapes made of scenes of daily life,’ they say. The two sofas are named “Scenery 1” & “Scenery 2”. It is a piece of furniture who becomes a piece of art, the second you don’t sit in it.

Photography: Carl Kleiner. Interiors: Amy Heffernan

Source: Wallpaper

what to buy #32

14. August 2016


what to buy #32

Monochrome has been a big trend for a long time when it comes to interior, but it has taken a slightly turn. The focus has changed to more natural materials and warmer colours. But don’t panik. You don’t need to change it all you can easily soften your monochrome home up, with a little piece of wood.

Wooden bonbonniere  / Carpet  /  Vase  /  Chair  / Cushion


14. August 2016

Skærmbillede 2016-08-14 kl. 18.01.01


I love these pretty strokes by @jasminedowling. Instagram is such an amazing tool to discover new inspiration world wide. Check out her insta here.

Kähler x Stine Goya

9. August 2016

Fiora pot H250 vase H250 2Fiora golden vase H200 Fiora stand bordeaux Fiora wall vase and vase midnight blue

Kähler x Stine Goya

A new design collaboration has been revealed today. Fashion meets ceramic in this exciting new collection. Stine Goya has created a range of ceramics rich in unique patterns, characterful silhouettes and bold choices of colour. The name of the range is Fiora and it will be available in shops from October 2016. I especially like the golden vase, it has a beautiful organic shape.

Discover the collection here.

Kähler x Stine Goya

Et nyt designsamarbejde er blevet offentliggjort idag. Et samarbejde hvor mode møder keramik. Stine Goya har skabt en serie af keramik fuld af unikke mønstre, karakterfulde silhuetter og modige farvevalg. Serien hedder Fiora og er i butikkerne fra oktober 2016. Min favorit er den gyldne vase, den har en smuk og organisk form.

Se hele kollektionen her.

Keep me dry

8. August 2016

13898229_10153720852296570_2028177217_o 13681861_10153720851961570_1125790266_o

Keep me dry

Fashion Week is slowly started and the weather report does not look promising. Luckily I teamet up with Stutterheim who will keep me nice and dry the whole week. This is a sneak peek of their SS17 collection. I chose my favourite colour beige and the shiny coating makes me feel dressed up even though it is a rain coat. But lets be honest, a Stutterheim coat is like the Ferrari of rain coats. Unfortunately it is not mine to keep but I hope to have one hanging in the closet one day.

/ Sponsored

what to buy #31

4. August 2016

Skærmbillede 2016-08-04 kl. 20.25.00

what to buy #31

If you are looking to upgrade a few things at home, focus on the warmer tones and unique looking pieces. The monochrome grey era is over (yes it’s true) and welcoming beige and golden tones for a more warm, natural and inviting interior. This is what you should shop this week.

Shopping links:

Vase   //  Poster   //  Chair   //  Lamp  //  Kinfolk

Weekend packing

3. August 2016


Weekend packing

This weekend we are attending some of our good friends wedding. Starting Friday with a cozy get-together followed by the wedding and party on Saturday and ending with a Sunday brunch. I ordered a terra-cotta coloured dress. Hopefully it will arrive no later than Friday! The original size that I ordered didn’t fit. Apparently I don’t have the same measurements as the tall blond model on the picture. I bought these pretty accessories here.

New from Reform

2. August 2016

28509057766_5e07ee0b0c_o 28509059046_1160a2c047_o 28509058356_e235357fc5_o

New from Reform

They did it again! Norm Architects made another beautiful kitchen for Reform. They were already my favourite designers in the collection and they are staying in first place with this dark oak and oxidized brass kitchen. The kitchen is made for the newly renovated Ouur office in Copenhagen. Probably the most perfect piece of estate in the city at this point. I really wish my rental apartment had an IKEA kitchen so I could give it a little makeover. #kitchencrush

On my dresser

31. July 2016

13898339_10153713670176570_1806557015_o 13663516_10153713670151570_889559479_o 13898385_10153713670171570_233340615_o

On my dresser

I am cleaning up in my dresser today. Some of my drawers has been a bit neglected, so I am using my last vacation day to make everything neat and tidy again. I usually empty all the drawers to get an overview of what to toss and what to keep. These small objects where to pretty to put back.


29. July 2016



After spending four wonderful days at the Summer house I love the feeling of coming home. There is no greater feeling. All your bits and pieces are still the exact same place where you left them. I passed this fig tree two times on my bike. The second time I had to stop and buy it as, there were only two left! The sketch is by my favourite design duo Bouroullec, I found it in an old Hay catalogue while cleaning theapartment the other day and the cool wooden frame is available here.

Kitchen cravings

21. July 2016


Kitchen cravings

I am really crushing on kitchens at the moment. I live in a rental apartment and the kitchen is brand new but very plane. Too plane in my opinion. It is really itching in my fingers just to change the fronts of my cabinets. I stumbled upon this kitchen from Naked Kitchens in London. They make custom made kitchens after your measurements. This is one from their contemporary collection. The dark green color is a bold choice and that is exactly why I would love to test it out in my non-bold-kitchen.

Picture by Naked Kitchens

Wall candy

20. July 2016

13711722_10153683327886570_1190772444_o 13720645_10153683327891570_418386259_o

13709449_10153683301941570_262354111_o 13694253_10153683301926570_455086330_o

Wall candy                                                                                                                                                sponsored //

So I have lived in my apartement in almost a year without having any art on the walls. I find it really har to choose what is should be and where it should hang. On Desenio you can scroll trough and endless selection of posters at very affordable prices so you can even go for seasonal prints if you wish. One of the things I like about Desenio is that you also have a really nice selection of frames. The frame really makes the picture, I think. It is just as an important choice as the art you are choosing. Explore the collection here.

Jeg har boet i vores lejlighed i næsten et helt år uden at have nogen former for kunst på væggene. Jeg syntes det har været så svært at finde ud af hvad der passede og endnu sværere hvor det skulle hænge. På Desenio kan du scrolle igennem et uendeligt udvalg af flotte plakater og det bedste er at de også har et stort udvalg af fine rammer. For mig er rammen næsten noget af det vigtigste. Det er en lige så stor beslutning som det billede du vælger og det kan frem hæve et ellers helt almindeligt. Se deres store udvalg her.

Instagram of the week

13. July 2016


Instagram of the week: Liz Wang

So this week’s instagrammer is Liz Wang also known as @ea_wang on Insta. Liz is a  visual storyteller based in Northern California. I have been following her for a long time now and I love that she has the same color aesthetic as me. She posts a lot of beautiful hotels, travel pictures, amazing flowers and delicious coffee. I am going to California in September and she has already inspired me to visit a few of the places she has shared on Instagram. Check this girl out here @ea_wang.

Photos by @ea_wang

Summer house feeling

11. July 2016

13621730_10153668077026570_874508104_o 13621730_10153668077026570_874508104_o-2

Summer house feeling

I am spending my Summer at home and my vacation starts on Friday. I have slowly started to set the Summer house mood at home. This is a stilleben from my living room. I am still hoping the weather will turn around and be warm and sunny in the two weeks that I have off! The coral reminds me of sandy feet and the bon bonniere is empty and ready to collect new memories.


Photos by @septemberedit

On the go

11. July 2016


On the go

I wanted to share this moment with you as this is a very typical moment in my everyday life. Always biking around with my basket full of flowers, props, packages from the post office and my computer. In Copenhagen it is crucial to have a bike! Mine is from Custom Bikes if you are curious.

Happy Monday!

Photo by @septemberedit


10. July 2016

13621777_10153666024526570_1398217460_o 13582406_10153656667856570_1811790305_o


Today I am sharing two of my beauty faves from the danish brand Sakhi. I worked with beauty products for four years when I was younger so I still love to dive into new beauty brands and discover new products. The Sakhi Hair potion has become one of my go to beauty products when my hair is doll. It instantly makes it shine and my spilt ends suddenly looks healthy. The other product that I am fond of is the face oil. I almost see myself as a collector of face oils and of course the packaging design gets a big plus in my book!

Photos by @septemberedit

The Cereal Copenhagen Guide

6. July 2016

13588881_10153656667571570_1728366169_o 13616200_10153656667621570_1760410298_o

The Cereal Copenhagen Guide

So this week I attended the launch of the Copenhagen Guide by Cereal. It was hosted by Muuto at their pretty showroom. They served Gin & Lemon ice cream! The speciel thing about Cereal’s travel guides and the magazines is that the editor Rosa visits all places before recommending it. So you can be absolutely sure that all the places mentioned is totally amazing and very inspiring. Read Cereal here.

Photos by @septemberedit

Janneke Luursema

3. July 2016



Janneke Luursema

I have been looking for artwork for my apartment for a long time. I really want something that sets the right vibe immediately, something that catches your eye and something timeless. I am crushing over the work by photographer and visual artist Janneke LuursemaHer work has a calming effect on me and would fit into my scandinavian home. I am dreaming about one one of the cactus photos in a super size above my couch. Check out her website here and her pretty Instagram here.

Photos by Janneke Luursema

In my t-shirt

2. July 2016


In my t-shirt

I think most would say that my daily dress code is pretty dressed up. I attend a lot of meetings during a work week, I attend events and I meet with the press. So when Saturday morning kicks in there is nothing better than spending it in the perfect t-shirt. I have discovered the New York based brand Håndværk. They make the most timeless basic pieces that will last you a life time. The quality is amazing an the packaging is even better with hand written sizes on the back. And of course I love the that they chose the danish word for craftsmanship! Order your perfect T here.

Photo by @septemberedit

Vacation vibes

1. July 2016


Vacation vibes

There is two weeks left until I can finally enjoy two weeks of work, so the vacation vibe is major! I am staying home in Copenhagen this time so hopefully the weather will be warm and sunny. I have a lot of small projects I wanna dive into. My list is long every week, but after a long day at work my energy level is low and I never get all the things done that I intent to. I wish you all a wonderful holiday, I can’t wait to follow along on insta. Give me a shout out If I am not following you already. Follow mine here.

Moodboard from my Pinterest.


30. June 2016


Summer is my favourite season as peonies are one of my favourite flowers. I bought these on my way home from work the other day and they still give this amazing scent to my bedroom. The ring is a gold leaf ring from Ole Lynggaard and the perfume is from & Other Stories, the high street brand that has everything a woman needs.

Photo by @septemberedit

Pink styling

29. June 2016

22b07a_1dd55d5108784f6e9348a9bebb7c67c9 22b07a_0fb731f9989445e0acf201e8ae9fecf5-2 22b07a_ae2fbef811cb4a18804a92837e0b36ac-2

Pink styling

I just had to share this with you. The work by two of my favourite Swedish girls in the business. The pink styling mixed with the wood and white details really creates a calm vibe. Perfect for an office space or a bedroom. Styled by Pella Hedeby and Photography Sara Medina Lind for My Home. Magazine

Green smoothie

27. June 2016

13569916_10153637678266570_1578107677_o 13556011_10153637678271570_274935894_o

Green smoothie

After taking a long break from training I needed some motivation to get started again. Healthy food always makes me feel great and gives me the motivation I need. I had a small dinner today, went for a run and made a smoothie for dessert. This one is made with banana, avocado, spinach, almond milk, mint leaves and a bit of orange juice, but you can really make it however you want. Enjoy your Monday!

Bedroom details

24. June 2016


Bedroom details

Our bedroom is almost finish, it just needs a few final touches. The curtains made all the difference and these are just the budget version from IKEA. If you’re not sure weather you want curtains or not I can only say, take the plunge! I have almost totally ditched my living room because the bedroom is so cosy know. I also painted our grey wall another colour, but I will show you that another time.

Have a lovely day!

Photo by @septemberedit


23. June 2016

wood_minero 1

wood_minero 2


If i was going to Paris this Summer I would stop by Galerie Kreo to see the exhibition ‘Hieronymus’ By Konstantin Grcic. A contemporary furniture collection or some would call it a sculpture collection, but that is exactly what I love about it. On a daily basis it is a chair but when you don’t use it, it is a beautiful sculpture in your home. These are my two favorite from the collection made in Wood and Minero.


‘Hieronymus’ is on view until 16 July.

Photography: Fabrice Gousset. Courtesy Galerie Kreo ​

Address / 31 rue Dauphine, 75006, Paris


Laisse Beton

19. June 2016

Skærmbillede 2016-06-19 kl. 20.58.47Skærmbillede 2016-06-19 kl. 20.58.57Skærmbillede 2016-06-19 kl. 21.00.01

Eyes on: Atelier d’Amis

Laisse Beton is a minimal design collection created by New York-based designer Atelier d’AmisThe design duo chose to reinterpret rebars into legs, grids into tables, pinion elevators into armoires and cleverly infused the vocabulary of construction throughout their collection. Material-wise, Atelier d’Amis selected ultra-thin and resistant concrete-finish ceramic plates with brass plated tubular steel, marrying the worlds of industrial, contemporary and high-end furniture.

LP Fitting

16. June 2016


LP_Fitting_02 copy

LP Fitting

When the Lyngbyvase was first launched in the late 1930s, the oblong, grooved shapes and the elegant simplicity was something completely new. The unique aesthetic was strongly influenced by the Bauhaus movement, focussing on form and functionality – not lavish decor.

Last year they launched LP Fitting #01. An elegant porcelain socket inspired by the classic grooves of the Lyngbyvase. Danish designer Philip Bro Ludvigsen created a clean and classic aesthetic that is well suited for both kitchens, living rooms or hallways. 

As a part of their SS16 collection they expand the line up of porcelain fittings with yet another shape – #02. Just like #01 this fitting is made of white porcelain, mounted on a white cord of silicone and fabric. Find your favourite Fitting and hang it as a single piece or blend different fittings on various cord lengths to create a sculptural piece that will decorate your house – both when it’s lid and not. I can think of many places to hang these beautiful and simple lamps in my apartment!

Photo by Lyngby Porcelain


St. Pauls Apothecary Collection

14. June 2016


St. Pauls Apothecary Collection

Being a sucker for soap in beautiful packaging I am big fan of the latest news from Frama. The St. Pauls Apothecary Collection is a nod to the past as well as a return to basics. Handcrafted in Copenhagen and sourced with Italian glass, the casing of this product is one of lasting quality. The entire St. Pauls Apothecary Collection is designed and made in Denmark. The mild hand wash and lotion are created to have a fresh, aromatic scent, and softening feel. Notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and ylang yang. Visit their showroom/store or buy it  online here.

Photo by @septemberedit


8. June 2016

IKEA-fabrik26413 copyIKEA-flabrik26454 copy


Breaking news! IKEA and HAY are collaborating on a collection YPPERLIG for 2017.  The collection will consist of 50 items and I am pretty sure that I need to buy all 50 items. Sart saving!

Photos by IKEA PR

The perfect yellow

8. June 2016

26908198003_81f0c16547_o27239903190_c900f3c708_o 26913740934_3f6f02e81e_o 27239903420_4b895edfca_o 26908198953_86b286f7e4_o

The perfect yellow

One of my favourite stores in Copenhagen is the Yvonne Koné flagship store. A brand who really focus on retail design and the experience of the store. The store just turned yellow and it is the third time the store gets a colorful makeover. It really makes the products stand out and you discover a new product every time the color on the wall changes.

Photo by Yvonne Koné

Sunday inspo: Studio Piet Boon book

5. June 2016


It’s surfer sunday and I fell over some great inspiration from the new Studio Piet Boon book. Check out more of there projects here. Enjoy!

Photo by Studio Piet Boon

TAG Cable

1. June 2016

13288686_10153577845751570_1860567361_o 13324435_10153577846006570_1285155695_oTAG Cable

The new TAG Cable from Native Union is one of those thing you always needed but didn’t exist. It loops elegantly around any bag strap or key holder, so you always have your charging cable with you when you need it most. It is made from the finest hand-finished genuine leather is combined with a reinforced braided cable, for luxury that lasts. I am always looking for a charger so this solves my problem in a very elegant way.

Photo by @septemberedit


30. May 2016

slide1 slide2



Last week i missed out on 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen. I design fair that pops up all around the city in stores and showrooms. One exhibition that I was really sad to miss out on was the exhibition ‘Hjem’ displayed at the Dinesen Apartment and made by the danish artist Pernille Egeskov. Four danish brand was a part of the installation and the material, structures and design shown in a different and destructive way. I think the result is amazing.

Oslo Opera House

26. May 2016

13288593_10153568625376570_797714032_o 13282874_10153568625371570_645511098_o13271400_10153568625336570_65475538_o13275216_10153568625391570_966914505_o

Oslo Opera House

I have a big thing for marble so obviously the Olso Opera House was on the top of my list when I visited Olso last week. My hotel was just across from it so I could enjoy the view and take a quick walk around it. This is the images I captured. You can be very efficient when you have so little time to explore a beautiful city. For more snapshots from Oslo check out my Insta here.

Photo by @septemberedit

Comfort Hotel Grand Central

25. May 2016

13262187_10153563786136570_917634924_o 13272011_10153563785406570_1411160628_o13282868_10153563793121570_740839680_o13275109_10153563793331570_466072470_o

Comfort Hotel Grand Central

So last week I visited beautiful Oslo and had the chance to stay at the wonderful Comfort Hotel Grand Central. It was the most perfect minimalistic room with pink details. I have never stayed in a more girly room since I was 10! I had a beautiful view over the Oslo Opera House and is was the perfect distance from everything I wanted to see. First time I visited Oslo was to run a half marathon, this time it was business, next time I hope for pleasure.

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Late night working

19. May 2016


Late night working

I have been working from the bed the last two nights. Throwing press days forces me to keep up on e-mails in the late hours, but if you love your job (and I do) it is never work. This week I’m in Oslo and next week it will be Stockholm. So inspiring to visit our neighbor cities, in PR all inspiration counts! See more from my travel on Instagram.


Photo by @septemberedit

binu binu

17. May 2016

39815220_001_bBinu-Binu-Soap-House-1 11-17_Product-5_1024x1024 39815220_001_b

Binu is Korean for Soap and in this case really pretty soap! Binu Binu soaps are inspired by the ritual of the Korean public bath, a place free of vanity and inhibition and where generations are brought together in the simple act of cleansing. Bing Binu soaps are made from 100% natural plant botantical ingredients and essential oils, including a base of “boricha” in all of our soaps, the Korean roasted barley tea which has a place in the household as important as water.  Made by hand in small batches using the cold process method which retains the skin benefitting properties of natural oils,  Binu Binu soaps are fragrance-free and do not contain palm oils, synthetic detergents, artificial colorants, parabens, sulfates, or animal products.  Nest time I run out of soap I have to get this!

See more about Binu Binu here.


Images from Pinterest.

the tumblr

15. May 2016

Skærmbillede 2016-05-15 kl. 12.29.28Skærmbillede 2016-05-15 kl. 12.31.13 tumblr_o6qy237dvL1rs67bxo1_1280

the tumblr

So after reaching 10.000 followers on tumblr (THANK YOU!) I thought it was time to celebrate and upgrade with a new theme. Thank you all for following me. Your likes and sweet comments really mean the world to me. Check out my new look here. 

You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for more inspiration.


Le Point

13. May 2016

Skærmbillede 2016-05-12 kl. 17.49.21

Le Point

I found this beautiful image on Instagram. The profile is @emmafineman that I have been following for a long time and the photo is from a beautiful shop Le Point in San Fransisco. Without knowing it, this is exactly how I want my bedroom to look like. Calm, earthy and minimalistic. My thoughts are running wild on how to create this at home and still have the same amazing atmosphere. Thank god for Instagram and all the endless of inspiration.

Tisca Rugs

12. May 2016



Tisca Rugs

I spent the last three days traveling around Romania and visiting the factory of Tisca Rugs. The rugs are made from quality wool from New Zealand and is handmade by Rumanian woman. It was amazing to see all the hard work that goes into one single rug and the technique is different from each type of rug. There are so many colors and textures to choose from that it can be really hard to choose. Walking around the factory I discovered so many beautiful textures. I have one more spot left for a rug in my apartment and I am saving it for a Tisca Rug.

Interior trends

6. May 2016

Varens-trender-Residence-Riksbyggen-foto-Kristofer-Johnson-Styling-Elin-Kicken-Eva-Lotta-Sundling51-700x904 pink-screen_riksbyggen_kvarnholmen_631lev-700x905 table_riksbyggen_kvarnholmen_136lev-700x453kroki_riksbyggen_kvarnholmen_460lev-700x905

Interior trends

Sustainable. Unique. Elegant. Structured. These are the top interior trends right now according to Residence Magazine. These images from the collaboration between Residence Magazine and Riksbyggen is styled by interior stylists Elin Kickén and Evalotta Sundling.


Photos: Kristofer Johnsson


3. May 2016



This little thing from Native Union is following me everywhere at the moment. It is so easy to store in my bag and the leather strap makes it space minimizing. Running from work to events and dinner with friends, it is really a lifesaver to have good (and pretty) tech accessories.

Photo by @septemberedit

Turn Around Rack

28. April 2016

Anna_ja_Joel_annapirkola_turnaround Anna_ja_Joel_3_annapirkola_turnaround Anna_ja_Joel_2_annapirkola_turnaround

The Turn Around Rack

Anna Pirkola is already one of my favourite designer, stylist & blogger. She has teamed up with her husband to make the Turn Around Rack. You can open an close it like a book so it doesn’t take up any space when you don’t use it. At the moment it is just a prototype but hopefully it will go in production soon.

Photo by Anna Pirkola



Filippa K Care

26. April 2016


Filippa K Care

As the owner of  a closet that consists of 90% clothes that has the label Hand Wash, I am over the moon over this new Care Guide from Filippa K. Addressing all the necessary needs to make your beautiful and favourite clothes, last longer and how to think of the environment at the same time. It is of course done in the most perfect aesthetic way. See the whole Care Guide here.

Photos by Filippa K

Monochrome monday

25. April 2016

13091596_10153507752871570_1882920079_o 13054550_10153507747356570_884735772_o

Monochrome Monday

I love those weekends where you clean up your whole apartment and gets everything organized. This weekend was not one of those, but I managed to organize this pretty little corner! It is all about celebrating your own achievements.

Photo by @septemberedit

Grey wall

24. April 2016

13052611_10153504838486570_1096210857_o 13054768_10153504838516570_1717395402_o

Grey wall

So I spent all of yesterday painting a wall in our bedroom. I had three grey colour samples to choose from and I went for the darkest one. Thank you for all your opinions and comments on Instagram, helping me choose. Hope you like the result, it really changes the atmosphere when you paint with color. Not that grey is a color but you know what I mean. The beautiful lamp is from Kovac and really gives a warmth to the room.

Photos by @septemberedit

COS X Market Art Fair

23. April 2016



COS X Market Art Fair

I wish I was in Stockholm this week then I would stop by the Market Art Fair. COS has created a temporary social space and store installation inspired by the shapes and textures of the COS Spring Summer 2016 collection. The space is filled with an edited selection of white t’s for men and women. The most airy and simple pop up shop I have seen.


Malmtorgsgatan 8

22-24 April

Friday 12.00-19.00
Saturday and Sunday 12.00-18.00

Explore the full programme here.


23. April 2016



I am spending this long weekend working on a few collaborations. I finally got my pinboard from FermLiving up, so I can gather all my inspiration in one place. I really liked the two tone design and the bottom part is magnetic! Can’t wait to pin away!

Photo by @septemberedit


CU Bikes

22. April 2016


CU Bikes

When you live in a city like Copenhagen, having a functional and flashy bike is crucial. I use my bike everyday for work and meetings around town. For me it is important to have a big basket for all my things and for the bike to be comfortable. In collaboration with CU Bikes I have customised my own bike. I went for a classic black and silver combination, see it here. You can design your own bike online and choose saddel, basket, colour, wheels and much more and have it delivered to your door. Get ready for Spring and Customise your own bike here.

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Photos by @septemberedit



21. April 2016

13054643_10153498407271570_1044186405_o 13054956_10153498407281570_438264920_o 13063945_10153498407306570_1089103996_o 13072182_10153498407336570_389158448_o13062790_10153498407206570_1493711192_o


Yesterday I spent my lunch drinking new delicious juices at the beautiful Verandah in Copenhagen. The juices are Made by danish nutritionist Michelle Kristensen and is a helping hand for all of us that have a juice machine at home but hardly ever use it. They contain at least 50% greens! My favourite taste was the Fennel & Friends, I love green juices because they are not too sweet. Read more about the juices here.

Photo by @septemberedit

Night Cable

20. April 2016



This pretty thing solved many problems for me. When I am at my desk the charger always ends up on the floor because the cable is to short to reach. This Night Cable from Native Union is 3 meters long. Long enough to use it while sitting on the couch. Long enough to reach my bed and long enough for my moving desk and… It is pretty! Just launched in this new Nautical Colour. Solve your tech problems and get yours here.

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Photo by @septemberedit

Naoto Fukasawa

17. April 2016

Skærmbillede 2016-04-17 kl. 16.25.01

Fuori Salone 2016

Instagram this week has been the biggest highlight for me with the Salone del Mobile design fair in Milan. My feed has consisted of a ton of inspiration and my goal is to visit the fair next year. I would love to have seen this installation by Naoto Fukasawa for Geoluxe.

Photo by @archiproducts


17. April 2016



A little piece of my living room. Style in the same colour range for a calm and monochrome look.

Photo by @septemberedit

Arch Shelf

16. April 2016

Fogia_C_084_FIXarch-note-fogia-storage-shelving-stock-design-week-furniture-fair_dezeen_1568_0 Fogia_2016_1572_FIX

Arch for Fogia

I have been a big fan of Note Designstudio from the beginning and after their exhibition in Stockholm, I am even more confirmed that they are some of the best within their field. I am loving their new shelf system Arch for Fogia. The little detail on the side gives it a softness and makes the light cast beautiful shadows. It is the kind of furniture design that I immediately felt attractive to and would keep for many years without it going out of style. It is definitely on my list of #FurnitureGoals.

Photo by Note Designstudio

Colour refresh

12. April 2016


Color Refesh

So my hairdresser announces that she’s going on holiday and my hair desperately needs a touch up. In my desperation I discovered this Colour Refresh shampoo from Maria Nila. You leave it in for 3-10 minutes and the color stays in up to 10 washes. I have blond hair so I went for the subtle Sand colored one. My hair turned out beautiful golden, maybe next time I will leave it in for more than 3 minutes.

April goals

10. April 2016

Skærmbillede 2016-04-09 kl. 16.38.18

Decorate my balcony with beautiful plants and cool furniture, maybe the new collection from Skagerak.

Deciding on which curtains to decorate our apartment with. I am looking at these from IKEA.

Visit the beautiful and minimalistic Matcha Bar in Copenhagen.

Buy the Vitamin C serum from Nuori. I have always wanted to try it!

Modernism Reimagined

7. April 2016



Modernism Reimagined

Ever since Menu started to  add furniture to their portfolio I have been a dedicated fan. The simple and minimalistic design is timeless in my world. My favourite furniture from their second shoot of the Modernism Reimagined collection, is the marble cubes. It would fit like a glove in my living room. The bigger cubes I would use for a coffee table arrangement and the smaller ones as a side table for flowers and books. Why is my birthday first until September…

Loaction: OUUR Offices in Copenhagen
Photographer: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen
Stylist: Sofie Brünner

from living room to loving room

6. April 2016


From living room to loving room

I am still working on my living room after having lived in this apartment for almost a year know. It has been so difficult moving from something old and charming into something brand new with at thousand windows. So few of our old furnitures fitted into the new place, so we almost had to start all over. The key pieces I am missing is curtains, from floor to ceiling of course, a new coffee table and a comfy lounge chair. Maybe even a few photos on the wall too. I promise to post some pictures when it is all finished, hopefully soon!

Photo by @septemberedit

Peak Bonbonniere

5. April 2016


Peak Bonbonniere

You might only think of the timeless vacuum jug EM77 when you think of Stelton but, there is so many great news. This season one of my favorite items from the Stelton Spring collection, is the ‘Peak’ bonbonniere. With its beautiful brass coating, it fits perfectly into any stilleben. I keep small items in it that don’t really fit anywhere else. It comes in two sizes and I love it so much, that I hope it will come in a steel version next season. See more about Stelton here.

Image by @septemberedit

a minimalistic delivery

5. April 2016


It is a big honor to work as a part of their ambassador program. They handpick the best, well designed and crafted essentials into one, perfect quarterly minimalistic delivery! I am giving away a year subscription, that’s 4 packages of beautiful lifestyle goods with over $500! Enter the competition here.

See my other stylings of the goods from here, and here. The winner will be contacted directly on Friday 08.04.2016. Good luck!


To whom it may concern

24. March 2016

TW_BOX_2-3_1024px_1024x1024TW_BOX_1_1024px_1024x1024To whom it may concern – Organic unisex essentials

To whom it may concern is an independent label and creative company run by a small number of creators from different art fields. They create out of passion for art and are focusing on quality, equality, sustainability and functionality.

Their necessity box is filled with 6 unisex TWIMC organic clothing necessities of your selected size and colour combination of black, grey and white essentials together with an exclusive gift.

All items are assembled to fit together and come in a customized To whom it may concern. box, hand made of nature recycling paper in Stockholm by Norrmalms Kartongfabrik.

They just opened a popup shop in Stockholm but you have to e-mail them to get the location.

Easter shopping

23. March 2016

Skærmbillede 2016-03-19 kl. 16.17.33


Easter is here and that means some time of from work and dinner with family and friends. If you are planning to do a little bit of shopping on your days off, here are some of my favourite items at the moment.

Lamp   /   Ring   /   Stool    /   Vase & Mug   /   Pillow

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Monday Scoop

21. March 2016

Skærmbillede 2016-03-21 kl. 21.38.24

Round sunglasses is all you need to worry about this Spring. These dandy denim sunnies fits the trend spot on and they are a hight street scoop! Shop them here.

Hands & Heart

16. March 2016

12788482_10153404530036570_1960178642_o 12837761_10153404530531570_456139254_o 12499368_10153404530301570_2034344353_o 12837484_10153404530106570_1546289359_oHands and Heart offers you a handbrewed coffee which literally would take your breath away.It is very casual and it is highly recommended for all those people who want to have some cozy time alone or with some friends.

With its minimalist black-and-white decor inspired by Teshima Art Museum, in Japan’s Kagawa prefecture, Hands and Hearis serious about hand-brewed coffee (Aeropress, pour-over and Chemex), which they say is made only from seasonal AA-grade single origin beans.

In keeping with the decor, they serve their black coffee (Colombia, Kenya, Thailand) in a white cup, and their white coffee (from partner cafe Roots) in a black cup.

You can also order homemade pastries such as charcoal croissant, cheesecake brownie and herbal juices.

Follow them here.

Sempé w103

15. March 2016


I was immediately drawn to the color of this lamp Sempé w103 by Wästberg. It has a calming effect on me and not only beautiful but also functional and can be attached on the table and wall.

Shop it here.

Wish list: Colored vintage carpet

15. March 2016


I have had a crush on colored vintage carpets for a while now, but they are not quite budget friendly. This black and grey Vintage carpet is on the top of my if-money-was-no-option wish list. It is not a classic vintage carpet but that is just what I like about it. The black and grey pattern is right up my alley. Get inspired and find your vintage carpet here. It is a webshop I can highly recommend.

March Goals

14. March 2016



the new season of House of Cards. A series that is a very hot topic at work and I am a big Kevin Spacey fan.


a Acai Bowl from 42Raw in Copenhagen on a sunny Sunday morning and with a hot americano in my hand. After two weeks in Thailand my fruit obsession is still going strong.


a new bike as it is the only form of transportation that gets me to work every morning. A Custom Bike is on my list, where I can select all the parts just after my liking.


my day at 6.30 every morning. (which is kind a an achievement for me)

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Bag on budget

13. March 2016


Bucket Bag

In need of a new Spring bag? Look no further. This leather Bucket Bag in a cool Ice colour is the perfect match and can even fit a laptop. Shop it here. Happy Sunday Shopping!


9. March 2016

00_tsatsas_0 tsatsas-atelier-1 tsatsas-atelier-2 02_tsatsas

Showroom crush: TSATSAS

With the opening of its first showroom-shop-studio in the city of Munich, the architect Esther Schulze-Tsatsas and industrial designer Dimitrios Tsatsas return to their family roots. Dimitrios’s father worked on his leather workshop, just outside of Frankfurt, for more than 30 years, producing handmade handbags and leather products. And it was in this atmosphere that grew the designer.

Esther and Dimitrios have created the concept and design of AtelierTsatsas, gathering in its 100 m2 area of sales and customer service, showroom and workshop models. This is where ideas are born and prototypes of their personal bags and accessories, which are made ​​combine the art of leather with contemporary design. The different pieces are made ​​manually near Offenbach, in a workshop with more than 30 years of experience in leather crafts.

To create the new Tsatsas Atelier, “he undressed” completely the ground floor of the building where it is located and were carefully designed interventions that visually structure the different functional areas. He also prevented them “compete” with the products, but sought that each present “a personality”.

To do this they used simple materials and objects but which used intelligently, serve to create a beautiful space. Plywood panels and industrial shelving, these ennobled with discrete shelves imported from Greece (home country Dimitrios) marble have served to give rise to an interior full of sensitivity, thus forging a link with the traditional leather.

TSATSAS means clarity and quality. With regard to design, the materials used, and the way they are treated. A particular approach to luxury is something immediately noticeable, something that can be felt straight away. These bags and accessories take time – to design, to manufacture and to develop.

All the models in the TSATSAS range are elegant and boast a cutting-edge, contemporary design. What they are not is modish in the sense of a passing fad. In the design process nothing is left to chance, the focus of the designs at all times being on achieving a perfect balance between function, aesthetics and execution.

Follow them on Instagram here.

Images by Wallpaper.


8. March 2016


Horizon Wall Art

Lisa, the owner of Sonadora lives her life by her dreams and she has always been passionate about her work in Interior Design but most of all she loves being able to make her sketches and daydreams come to life in the form of her Sonadora Collection. Soñadora is Spanish for “Dreamer”. Each piece is something she herself enjoyed and have a need for. They’ve all been test driven in the studio and in her home months (and sometimes years!) before they ever hit Etsy. I have followed her for a few years now. This is one of my favourite pieces at the moment. It would be such a beauty to have on the wall above my bed. The lines are calming and graphic at the same time. Her Metal Ladder is also one of my favorites but she is a designer who landed right in my heart, so the list is long…

Check out her inspiring Instagram here.

Stockholm // Must see

17. February 2016

note-design-studio-exhibition-stockholm-furniture-fair_dezeen_936_3 note-design-studio-exhibition-stockholm-furniture-fair_dezeen_936_5 note-design-studio-exhibition-stockholm-furniture-fair_dezeen_936_7 note-design-studio-exhibition-stockholm-furniture-fair_dezeen_936_9 note-design-studio-exhibition-stockholm-furniture-fair_dezeen_936_12 note-design-studio-exhibition-stockholm-furniture-fair_dezeen_936_13 note-design-studio-exhibition-stockholm-furniture-fair_dezeen_1568_1

Stockholm // Must see

Last year, Note Design Studio was elected as Designer of the Year by Residence Magazine. Lotta Agaton of Residence has curated a selection of products by Note Design Studio for an exhibition of styled scenes at Stockholm’s ArkDes architecture museum. The exhibition questions the stylist’s role and the power of the image in the design industry. The exhibition can be experienced until February 28. Unfortunately I will not be able to see this exhibition myself, but if you are in Stockholm it’s a must see.

Photos by Kristofer Johnsson.

Matcha Monday

15. February 2016

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender-1

matcha monday

I spent my Monday in bed fighting of a bad flu that I caught on my trip to Frankfurt. Luckily one of the things I brought back, was some fresh matcha tea and the newest issue of Suitcase. A great travel magazine that tells you where to go, what to see, what to pack and which app to download. Who doesn’t love that! They got a new subscriber right here. Check ou there digital platform here or download their app here.

News from Cecilie Manz

9. February 2016

Caravaggio Read floor grey25 - installation 27596 Caravaggio Read floor grey25 - installation 27581 Caravaggio Read floor opal - installation 27745Caravaggio Read Table - installation 27839

News from Cecilie Manz

If you follow me on Insta you have might already figured out that the Caravaggio lamp, is one of my favourite lamps in my apartment. I have great news for you! Caravaggio Read is yet another addition to designer Cecilie Manz’ iconic Caravaggio series. Based on the wall lamp’s adjustable shade, she has created a whole new universe of Caravaggio lamps with functional, directional light. These small lamps do exactly what they should and have a design that is as simple and minimalist as possible. The Caravaggio Read series includes 12 different lamps covering table-, floor-and wall lamps in black, white, light gray matt lacquering as well as hand-blown opal glass. All lamps have three narrow slits at the top of the shade that allow light to pass through. The metal lamps give a soft and targeted light, while the opal lamps sends out a warm and diffused light. The design of Caravaggio has been known and loved since the first 4 pendants were presented back in 2005. With her customary flair for function and aesthetics, Cecilie Manz has continued to further develop the Caravaggio collection, which now comprises 34 different pendel designs, 10 table lamps, 7 floor lamps and 4 wall lights. Caravaggio is one of the relatively few lamps that can be spotted all over the world in everything from exclusive hotel facilities, minimalist cafes and trendy retail outlets to the private home. See the whole collection here.

Issey Miyake x Iittala

8. February 2016

skrmklipp-2016-02-02-18-40-09-1024x767 Iittala-Issey-Miyake-2016-A-Home-Collection-for-Everyday-Rituals-7 skrmklipp-2016-02-02-18-10-46-1024x723

Issey Miyake x Iittala

Issey Miyake teams up with Iittala to produce unique home décor. A collaboration I am really exiting about after being a big fan of the Issey Miyake pleats for several years. The collection presents 30 pieces, including pillows, place mats, napkins and asymmetrical pentagonal ceramic cups and plates. The pillow are my favorites at the moment.

“The colors and shapes we’ve used are reflections of nature,” said Jeremiah Tesolin, Iittala’s creative director. Rich greens recall Scandinavia’s forests, while the shades of pale pink and gray reference the Sakura, the blossoming of Japanese cherry trees.

“The napkins,” he added, “carry a lovely detail from Japan: When folded, each is the shape of Mount Fuji.”

But the most notable Japanese contribution to the collection, remains the garment-pleating process conceived by Issey Miyake’s design studio in the 1980s for women’s fashion. The technique, which pleats fabric after it is cut and sewn rather than before, has been applied to polyester place mats and table runners that roll up like yoga mats without curling at the corners and napkins that snap back to their original geometry even after laundering.

The collection is sold exclusively at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Design Store from February 9 to May 30.

Avo/banana smoothie

4. February 2016

Skærmbillede 2016-02-04 kl. 20.09.32

Avo/banana smoothie

I am in a pretty good morning rutine at the moment. I get up and make a new healthy smoothie every morning for breakfast. Sometimes I enjoy it at home and sometimes I take it to go and drink it at the office, while I get started on my morning mails. I mix it up every day but some of my key ingrediens are banana, fresh orange juice, blueberry and milk. My favourite combination right now is avocado, banana & vanilla. You really wouldn’t believe how delicious and sweet it tastes and it’s super healthy!


3 ripe bananas
2 cups of milk
1/2 avocado
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Instaupdate – January

2. February 2016

Skærmbillede 2016-02-02 kl. 08.08.57

j a n u a r y

I am not a big fan of January. It is a long month with very dark and cold mornings and I am not a morning person. I used my January to catch up on work, visit my favourite interior fair Northmodern and took a quick business trip to Stockholm, where I visited this amazing restaurant.

See more on my Instagram.

Grey on Budget

27. January 2016

grey Dias1

Grey on Budget

January is often a month where you need to renew your entire self and your home. I found some grey items on budget, to help you some of the way. Happy re-decorating!

Lounge chair / IKEA

Towels / Ellos

Slippers/ Asos

Glass containers / H&M

Bedding / Ellos

Lamp / Ellos

Teapot / Stelton

When in Stockholm

23. January 2016


usine_interior_mikael-axelsson_gamla-04_web1-532x798 usine_interior_mikael-axelsson-103_web3-532x798 Usine_0243_low1-532x443 Usine_0233_low1-532x798


This week I had a business trip to Stockholm. I found this amazing restaurant recommended by Wallpaper, so of course I had to try it our. A 2000 square meter former usage factory in the heart of Stockholm. underwent an extensive renovation to give a place to new Usine concept. Before the one year long renovations, the premises were used by the Swedish Tax Agency and consisted of a maze of tiny meeting rooms with a ceiling height of 240 cm. The entire bottom floor of the building was completely stripped down. Materials of high quality were selected to last time. Maple wood custom millwork and cognac leather upholstery accompanied with concrete, galvanized steel, white tiles and black iron details create a stylish but relaxed atmosphere. To introduce an accent color, Valcromat in orange and brown was used for table tops, side tables, cabinet doors and menus. 48 tons of concrete was poured into the construction, not only for for the floors, but also to construct the two bars, reception desk, a large sofa table and a 3,5 meter wash basin in the rest room. The large space is divided into three rooms, all revolving around a central black iron beam structure that has been designed to serve unique functions. The food was delicious and and the vibe was just as cool as it looks. I am definitely booking a table next time I am flying to Stockholm. Book your table here.

Console Crush

22. January 2016


Console Crush
Velvet, leather and polished brass meets in this minimalistic yet organic shaped console designed by Christophe Delcourt. This would be the perfect piece of furniture for my very long and empty hallway. See more here.


19. January 2016


m u j j o                                                                                                                                                         sponsored

After getting a the new iPhone Plus, I desperately needed a cover so It was easier to hold on to. When I work, I often have the phone in my hand and no bag. So I needed a solution for carrying my business card & credit cards around. This cover from Mujjo is the perfect solution. It is just a simple cover with a little pocket for your cards on the back, exactly the solution I was looking for. The grey leather really brings out the stitching details. Choose your size and color here.

brass pocket mirror

18. January 2016

leibal_pocketmirror_minimalux_6_1024x1024 leibal_pocketmirror_minimalux_7_1024x1024

This might be the prettiest pocket mirror I have seen, made with a rim of precision machined solid brass. Held in the hand or balanced on its side it provides a crystal clear reflection. When not in use it can be stowed away in a customized leather sleeve. The product is not plated or lacquered in any way, thus allowing its surface finish to change with use and age – eventually developing a rich natural patina and becoming uniquely personal to its owner. I like that fact that it adds a story to the product. Get it here.

a calendar for the minimalist

16. January 2016


a calendar for the minimalist

I miss having a wall calendar but I just don’t have the right spot to hang one up. If I get one, it would be a very simple one, likes this minimalistic calendar from RK. I prefer a calendar with no images or drawing where it is just the typography, making the art. Get it right here.

If you are more into pretty prints, this calendar is perfect for you,

Eyes on: Anna Pirkola

7. January 2016

Asun_annapirkola_ikea_artek Asun_annapirkola_wallhanger_art asun_hem_byredo Asun_ourlegacy_linen

Eyes on: Anna Pirkola

I am constantly searching for new inspiration for work and I just discovered Anna Pirkola. A talented interior stylist from Finland. I love this series she did for Asun Magazine, photographed by Katri Kapanen. Even though it’s a very minimalistic shoot it still has a warmth like the sun was just there. Check out her work here.


Images by Anna Pirkola & Katri Kapanen

whats cooking

6. January 2016


neutral kitchenware

If you don’t Lagerhaus you are missing out. Lagerhaus is a big store where you can by all the accessories you need for your home. They have a great range of colours, prints and materials. It is a must do, every time i visit Sweden. These are my favourite products available right now. If don’t have a trip planned for Sweden in the nearest future, you can also shop it all from their website right here. 

All products and images are from Lagerhaus.

a new view

5. January 2016

byLassen_View_Brass_Line_Brass_Lifestyle_High Res byLassen_View_Brass_Lifestyle_High Res

a new view

2016 brings us a new View. With the new brass edition mirror, by Lassen carries on the tradition for distinctive, simple and timeless design, with the result being an object of exceptional balance and beauty. Brass has already proved popular and is here to stay. A focus on metals is a key part of the Scandinavian design story and the by Lassen universe continues to be developed with different types and tones.

With a thin and graceful 6 mm wide profile frame, View’s minimalist look seems to float out from its place on the wall. A clever hidden ridge at the back of the mirror places it slightly away from the wall rather than flat when hung. This simple detail causes the mirror to appear slightly detached, moving it dynamically into the space.

“It was important for us that the View Mirror in brass balances between a neutral expression which leaves the subject in the actual mirror in focus and a beautiful, thoughtful expression, which works in any modern interior setting,” explains Nadia Lassen, Director and Co-Owner.

With its large surface, understated frame and slightly protruding position, the View in brass is a timeless sophisticated product that keeps the mirror itself as the fundamental object in focus. The thin brass edge is very elegant and I think View would work great as an installation in a minimalistic bedroom. Get more inspiration by my mirror bord on Pinterest right here.


Images by by Lassen.


4. January 2016

FullSizeRender-6 FullSizeRender-5


I had a splash of a New Years party with good food, great friends and an amazing view over the city skyline. I have a lot of things planned for @septemberedit and I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings us. I didn’t make any New Years resolution this year, but I just overall want to get the best out of everything. Drink more tea, get some stuff up on my still-empty-walls and taking more walks. I am going to Stockholm and Frankfurt for work before heading of to Thailand for vacation.

A new year means fresh flowers and letting in fresh air. This is a snapshot from my bedroom, but if you are a follower you already know that. I wish you a wonderful start of 2016!


BonBonniere/Lyngby Porcelain  Dresser/Montana Furniture  Body oil/Nuori Skincare



set the table

29. December 2015


Set the table: Monochrome

I am throwing my first grown up New Years party this year. We have enough room in our new apartment for a big gathering and the perfect view over the city when the fireworks starts. I styled this table the other day. I like the black cutlery to give some contrast to the white plates. I think the dark colors are great for our New Years table setting. Happy New Year!

Cutlery/Gense    Plates/Eva Trio    Wine glas/Eva Solo   Milk Jug/Stelton   Bread Basket/Søstrene Grene




The fight for freshness

27. December 2015


the fight for freshness

Today most skincare products are formulated to last at least 30 months, that is 2.5 years or longer. Numerous studies have shown that commonly used active agents, such as vitamins A, C and E, are unstable in cosmetic formulations. They start loosing their beneficial properties in just a few months. NUORI is a new skincare product that fights the fight for freshness. All NUORI products are freshly blended in small batches every 12 weeks and all products have a Start-using-by date and an Expiry date. And the best part of it all is that its 100% natural! After trying several products I can definitely recommend it to all fresh and natural beauty lovers out there.

This post is made in collaboration with NUORI, the words, opinions and images are made or taken by me –

2016 Calendar

20. December 2015

calendar1calendar 3

2016 Calendar

After Christmas comes New years and what better way to start the year than with a new calendar. This handmade calendar by OAKgallery has 12 unique designs, one for each month. It is designed and printed in France on high quality paper fedrigoni 300 gr. Is is printed in 25 limited copies. Get yours right here.


15. December 2015


New lights

We finally got reading lamps up in our bedroom. I searched a lot online but sometimes I find it hard to figure out which of the many solution to go for. I often gather all my inspiration on my Pinterest here. Other times I just know exactly what I want and this, was one of those time. The Caravaggio lamp is designed by talented Cecilie Manz for Lightyears. I liked the classic and timeless design so much, that I got one for each side of the bed!

Merry Christmas and don’t forget to check out my Insta with daily inspiration here.

wish list 0.2

14. December 2015



Wish list 0.2

I never get to old to make a wish list, especially not when it’s Christmas. This year my focus is on things for the home and a few things for myself. The Monocle perfume has been on my wish list for a long time now, ever since I discovered it in Paris and I am dreaming about new dining chairs and I found just the ones I want.


Poster  /  Perfume  /  Gold necklace  /  Pillow  /  Chair  /  Pitcher  /  Marble vase

Project 01

10. December 2015

IMGP2147 p&h1 Pettersen_Hein_lowres_03Project 01

Project 01 comprises a collection of 12 objects crafted from heavy-duty materials which are currently being exhibited at the Etage Projects Shop in Copenhagen. Created by Lea Hein, a furniture designer, and Magnus Pettersen, an artist specialising in concrete sculptures, the collection is a fusion of their disciplines. I like that there is a very fine line between it being art and a home decor object. I find it really har to choose which one I like the most so a few of them are only wish list. I would place it in my bedroom or in my hall way, where it would decorate beautifully but also be very functional.

Shop the collection here.

Weekday re-opening

5. December 2015

FullSizeRender-4 IMG_1043 IMG_1049


Welcome to the new Weekday look

This week I attended the re-opening of the most central Weekday store in Copenhagen. The new look was fresh, bright and very nordic. While exploring the new shiny store, you were able to shop at special prices and enjoy a cold beer and sliders. The perfect shopping experience on a thursday night. Congratulations with the new store Weekday!

Shop the latest collection from Weekday here.

Wish list 0.1

2. December 2015


Ceramic mug / Helle Gram

Pitcher / Another Country

Plate / House Doctor

Silver ring / M. Kirana


Melo Studio

1. December 2015

140729-9e0a8bc8dfa94044adb7293c082598c8 140729-e81023bd72da45beb48376ceb6b7fe1c MelostoolAsh-1024x765

Eyes on

Melo Studio is all about minimalistic design. In their design process they focus on removing all unnecessary details. The aim is to create a modest look, enabling our products to blend in to the environment you want. They call it humble minimalistic design. My favourite from the collection is the mirror.

Styling by Pella Hereby, photographed by Sara Medina Lind.



Casa Ljungdahl

30. November 2015

12291842_1074260782604348_8944477391249764512_o 12291723_1074260935937666_8762003816649674759_o

12314234_1074260829271010_8495227765984351439_o 12291132_1074260869271006_2081722634629619092_o 12314712_1074260785937681_8087187312995211831_o

Note Design Studio has made our their private residence project. It is a large loft in Stockholm, in the area of Södermalm called Sofo. The house dates from the 1930s and went through many renovation during the years. When they started the project with the 200 square meter apartment their first step was to simplify everything we felt was too much, in terms of dimensions and materials. The task was to create a relaxed, soft environment and the main interior feature is a dark, low-lying base line that runs like a unifying horizon through the whole apartment. The blue-gray line works as a storage unit and becomes a base for the ceiling height to shoot off from. They utilize the loft’s steep niches in a simple way by filling them with really deep drawers. This framing of the rooms create a classic salon atmosphere, and becomes a wink to architecture of the old days. All walls and ceilings are painted in apricot pink and sandy beige tones which gives a soft, hazy atmosphere, creating a dynamic but gentle contrast to the blue-gray base. Nothing in the apartment is white!! See the whole house here.


29. November 2015

031115_1 031115_3 031115_4-600x400

KORBO Handmade Wire Baskets are functional baskets with a history that dates back to the early 1920’s Sweden. The baskets are timeless and beautiful tools that in the old days were used by farmers, fishermen or anyone who needed reliable carrying and storage that could withstand weather, wind, wear and tear. But they are also very functional in a modern home as storage for paper, laundry or maybe wood for the fire place. These beautiful images is styled by Sarah Widman and photographed by Daniela Ferro.

Find more interior inspiration here. 



15. November 2015



I am happy to announce a ‪#‎giveaway‬ I’m hosting in collaboration with Lyngby Porcelain for this set consisting of one Chapeau and the classic Lyngby Vase. Two of my favorite products from Lyngby Porcelain.

Enter the competition here.

Sponsored post.

Eyes on: Louise Gray

12. November 2015

e50f38910feb0d364568a0a3720b1d2b 201987d9e4454f055a951541cb2287f77e0daa176f69a38612f21df54346addb

Eyes on: Louise Gray

Louise Gray is the combined vision of Alexandra Gray Bennett and Jocelin Johnson. As a seasoned sales director with a long family heritage in quilting, Alexandra aspired to reinvent this traditional format, making it more relevant to a contemporary audience. Jocelin, a trained graphic designer with a background in both art direction and creative direction, contributed her knowledge and appreciation for refined design and mindful consumerism. they are honored to offer each Louise Gray customer a thoughtful, sophisticated product and an opportunity to support the cut and sew industry of america with each purchase.

Louise Gray reinterprets the art of quilting with a discerning eye. Using contemporary design as a means to keep the time honored tradition alive, each quilt enhances the living space for the modern, detail oriented, and socially conscious. Handcrafted in the usa from 100% cotton materials, the quilts are meant to be around for generations to come. Louise Gray will continue to explore the contemporary home enclave, being mindful that life needs to be a little cozier. See the whole collection here.

Moebe Cph

10. November 2015



Simple design

I have a lot of precious artwork that is not hanging on my walls at the moment and there is a simple reason for that. I find it really har to find simple and delicate frames in basic colors and wood qualities. I want the artwork to stand out not the frame. I stumbled across this danish brand Moebe, that makes beautiful objects in wood all made in their woodshop in Copenhagen. It is very simple design but very functional too. As they say “The world is complex enough already – we won’t contribute further.” See more from Moebe here.


Photo by Moebe & @minimalistic_mess


8. November 2015



Sunday is all about drinking coffeec from your favourite cup in your favourite couch reading your favourite magazine. That is exactly what I spend my day doing. The golden spoon is a little treasure from Zara Home, the cups are from Vipp the tray from Lagerhaus and the bonboniere from Lucie Kaas. Happy Sunday!


529 RIO

7. November 2015


529 RIO

The 529 RIO table was designed in 1962 and re-produced in 2015. That says everything about how well designed it is. It is designed in two different sizes by Charlotte Perriand. Cassina has re-released the version first designed in 1962 for Jacques Martin’s home in Rio. Later, she adapted and expanded this table for the Japanese Embassy in Paris. Made from solid natural oak and rattan, material we see more and more in interior design and I am crazy about it myself. If you match it with the right type of nordic styled furniture rattan becomes reborn.

See more furniture inspiration here.

Tabula Rasa

5. November 2015

Skærmbillede 2015-11-03 kl. 21.21.42

Brand Crush

This brand was instant love when I stumbled upon a beautiful picture on Instagram. With a vision rooted in travel, simple luxury, and comfort, designer Emily Diamandis founded lifestyle brand Tabula Rasa in 2013. The core philosophy behind Tabula Rasa – which is defined as “blank slate” – stems from the idea that any space we inhabit can be a template in which to express our personal style. The collection takes the form of refined, modern basics that reflect a simple yet sophisticated love of craft, filtered through a global sensibility. Each fashion and home staple is handmade in the authentic style.

“Traveling to see the world is a passion of mine but I relish in the comforts of my home.  With Tabula Rasa, I was inspired to create a brand that answers the practical needs of the modern day traveler while making them feel at home wherever they go.”

-Emily Diamandis, Designer

I am obssesed with this knitted sweater and matching pillow. It is on the top of my wish list!

Visit Tabula Rasa here.

The Royal Café

3. November 2015


The Royal Café

If you are ever in Copenhagen you must take a visit to The Royal Café. It is right in the middle of huge flagship stores and busy people. It is placed in a courtyard with walls covered in leaves and the sounds of singing birds, that makes you forget just for a second that you are in a big busy city. After enjoying your heavenly blueberry & lemon cake with hot chocolate, you can walk straight into The Royal Copenhagen flagship store and continue your shopping. Enjoy!

News from Vipp

28. October 2015

Vipp521-TableLamp-Living01-HighVIPP_taklampe VIPP-DaybedNew from Vipp

Vipp is known for their well designed bathroom essentials and their amazing kitchens, but now they have added a new product line to the portfolio. Manifesting a stand for long lasting products, the first series of Vipp lamps is also the last. “we only make one type of each product, so you will not see collection of lamps from Vipp next season. Because once you have captured good light, what else is there to achieve in a lamp?” Said so well by Kasper Egelund, CEO at Vipp. I really like the thoughts behind this new product extension. The Vipp lamp series will be in stores from November.

desk details

26. October 2015

Unknown-8work in progress

My home office is still a work in progress but i really love having an extra room just for all my stacks of magazines, catalogues, books and samples. This is a snap shot of what is on my desk at the moment. Different shapes and textures is always a picture worthy in my world. Have a lovely evening all! Check out my latest on Pinterest for a kick of inspiration.



All slugged up

22. October 2015










& Other Stories is one of my favourite go to brands when it comes to high street. They have these beautiful items at the moment with a cozy and soft vibe, all made to chase the autumn-blues away. See all the items and get all slugged up here.

The Kinfolk Home

21. October 2015

Unknown-4UnknownUnknown-3Unknown-2book crush

Yesterday The Kinfolk Home was launched in Copenhagen. A new book from the amazing Kinfolk team focusing on slow living and inspiring people. In The Kinfolk Home, author Nathan Williams takes readers into 35 homes around the world that reflect the values of slow living: cultivating community, simplifying our lives and reclaiming time for what matters most. The launch took place at Frama Cph’s beautiful showroom. Read more about the book and get your own copy here.

the Knot Chair

19. October 2015

602010_Knot_Chair_whitewhite.ashx 602010_Knot_Catalogue.ashx602010_Knot_whitewhite_detail.ashx

my latest obsession

I have a thing with chairs. I could fill every corner in my apartment with a new chair, there is so many beautiful silhouettes and material to choose from. My latest obsession is The Knot chair. It has a clean and simple expression that leads the thoughts to classic 1950s furniture. The overall impression is determined by the details, such as the dominant jointing points in natural paper cord, which also provide optimal sitting comfort.

“For me it is all about shape, touch and use. I believe that fine products will be loved longer and that way becomes sustainable in the end.” Designer, Tatsuo Kuroda. 

The chair comes in thre colors and I want every single one of them. See more about The Knot Chair here.

Caravaggio Wall

19. October 2015

5ebadd06-0d68-4b09-a0f3-bae842a264b0 Caravaggio_Wall_White___install2 Caravaggio-Wall-White-install.-14447

On the wall

I am very choosy when it comes to picking furniture for my home. If it needs to be an affordable solution it often takes some time to find the perfect shoe that fits. It is either that or love at first sight. The second is how i felt when I discovered this lamp. Based on the well-known Caravaggio shape, Cecilie Manz has created a wall lamp that is precise, refined and, above all, functional. The wall lamp is made of steel and die-cast zinc and is finished in semi-matt lacquer. The classic shade is installed on a flex-tube, which makes it possible to tilt the shade and thereby direct the light. The wall lamp can be rotated 180 degrees, which makes the lamp very flexible. Caravaggio Wall gives a direct, soft, and targeted light, while elegantly shielding the light source. It is the perfect match for my bedroom. A timeless classic solution that I will last many years and is functional and affordable.

See more information about the Caravaggio Wall lamp here.

FollowMe by Marset

18. October 2015


FollowMe by Marset                                                                                                                         sponsored post

Portable and rechargeable, FollowMe is a table lamp that can be taken wherever you go. Because of its small, warm, and self-contained character, it is ideal both indoors and outdoors. It works great in places that have no access to electrical outlets, or to replace candlelight. The oak handle gives it the perfect scandinavian look that screams “pick me up”. Compact and small, it almost looks like a personal accessory. The battery can last up to 20 hours and has a USB port for recharging. It also has a dimmer with three stages. I use mine for extra light in my office and sometimes in my bedroom as a reading lamp. Is gives that perfect cozy light.

Bærbar og genopladelig, FollowMe er en bordlampe der kan tages med overalt. På grund af sin lille varme og selvstændig karakter er den ideelt både indendørs og udendørs. Det fungerer perfekt på steder der ikker har en stikkontakt og er en fin erstatning for stearinlys. Det fine håndtag i eg giver den et stilrent skandinavisk look der skriger “pick me up”. Batteriet holder ca. 20 timer og den oplades via usb. Den har også en dæmper med tre stadier. Jeg bruger min på mit kontor og nogle gange som læselampe i soveværelset. Den giver en fin hyggelig belysning.

Jeg har teamet up med det danske firma Lampefeber og har fået lov til at udlove én FollowMe til en værdi af 1.199 kr. Jeg trækker vinderen søndag d. 25 oktober.

For at deltage i konkurrencen skal du følge bloggen på Instagram her via bloglovin her, eller skriv en kommentar nederst i indlægget.

Konkurrencen er slut.

Follow me 3FullSizeRender

Under the bell

14. October 2015


On the hunt for new lamps I discovered this beauty from MuutoMade from recycled plastic felt, UNDER THE BELL is a large lamp that creates a new space within a space. Its eye-catching design can also help to absorb noise and improve the acoustics in large rooms. This setting is showcasing the lamp in the most perfect way.

Photograper Petra Bindel for Swedish Folkhem.

Source: Muuto


white silhouettes

11. October 2015


White silhouettes is always a favourite of mine. A good mix of different textures, materials and shapes makes the best stilleben. I spend my sunday by the beach and with a good brunch and coffee. I hope your sunday was just as perfect as mine. I wish you all the best week!


8. October 2015


A beautiful silhouette you haven’t seen before. April table is designed by Alfredo Häberli. The design of the table is all about opposites: the massive leg and the thin table top create together an exciting contrast. Nikari asked twelve designers or design studios to give their response to Nikari’s design philosophy in the form of a product. The project was called Project 2012 Designs for Nature: Nikari co-operates with the Finnish WWF and part of the sales price is donated to protecting rainforests and forests globally. These are not the only furnitures from Nikari that I am in love with. I also really like the December lounge chair and a stool. This design company is definitely in my spotlight. See more beautiful design from Nikari here.

For more furniture inspiration, visit my Pinterest.




lemon pie dreams

6. October 2015


I have made this Lemon Pie two times in my life, this was my second attempt. I am really proud of the result even though I had a little bit of help from my hobby. I am a fresh dessert kind of girl so this cake was right up my alley. My new cake spoon is from Gense, perfect for my birthday celebration last month. I could eat this pie any day, it was delicious. See the recipe here and start baking today!



Meet the Wicker

2. October 2015


“Meet The Wicker” aims to emphasize the strength of collaboration of craft and industry. By combining the traditional craft with the industrial metal frame the project aims to go away from the crafty look of wicker weaving and instead reinterprets the plants core values. The result is a series of products reflecting different qualities of the wicker material implemented in industrial metal furniture. Design by Chudy & Grase.

For more information please visit:

April & May for FEM

1. October 2015




Love the collaboration Truly Yours by the talented girls from April & May for FEM home. It is the newest addition to the FEM Home collection of natural home-textiles. Truly Yours is a light, woven plaid that can also be used as a scarf. Supple and thin, appropriate for every season. I would love one as a bed spread.

 Pictures are taken by Wendy van Woudenberg.


27. September 2015


Home details

Details from my home on a sunday. I work a lot during the week so I really enjoy my weekends and having the time and the benefits of the natural light to get some pictures taken. I celebrated my 28th birthday last friday and the best present was a digital camera from Panasonic with a Leica lens. To have a camera that can fit almost into any bag and purse is precious. You will never miss a Kodak moment again. The beautiful candle holder is my new favourite from Lucie Kaas and the coffee cup is from Royal Copenhagen.


Enjoy your Sunday!

interior crush

26. September 2015


SEB Bank

One of my friends works at SEB Bank in Copenhagen. It is a beautiful building with round shapes and green kopper details that I often pass by on my way home. The beautiful thing about buildings you’ve only seen from the outside is that you never know what treasures it hides. SEB have this amazing canteen that I would love to eat my food in every day. The wooden chairs are from Mattiazzi.

Found via Please wait to be seated.


wish list

24. September 2015


With a new apartment still missing some pieces and the new AW season starting my wish list i long. My main focus is storage solutions and lamps and good work wear that is timeless, classic and most important of all, keeps me warm.

Lamp / New Works   Grey coat / Cos   Floating hanger / Artilleriet   White shirt / Cos

Med en lejlighed der stadig mangler lidt møbler her og der og den nye AW sæson der lige er started, så er min ønskeliste lang. Jeg er ude efter lamper og opbevaringsmuligheder der samtidig kan give lidt karakter og klassisk arbejdstøj der samtidig kan holde mig varm.



kitchen details

14. September 2015


m y   k i t c h e n

I don’t spend much time in the kitchen. I really enjoy food but I don’t enjoy cooking as much. But one thing I really like is buying kitchen supplies. I always go after subtle colors that won’t make to much noise, but if you are already a follower and know my instagram that’s not a surprise. This white casserole is the newest member in my kitchen and it really stands out in my cabinet of casseroles as the only white member of a big steal family. But it is so pure and simple just waiting to be filled with tomato sauce. Can’t wait!

Casserole/Eva Solo   Pitcher/Georg Jensen   Plate/Eva Solo  Spoon/Zara Home



wall color

7. September 2015

260815_1_Lady_1931_Kokos_2 260815_5_Lady_394_Varmgr_ 7957fbb531f20c8f273cd5dcde1a7a12 Jotun-SS-2015-pic-2

t h e   l a d y    c o l l e c t i o n

Sometimes your living room can seem dull even though it is fully styled and nothing wrong with it. It just needs a splash of color! A change of color even just on a single wall can make a big difference and frames the room better. Jotun LADY collection has a wide range of beautiful colors and great photos for inspiration. These are some of my favorite colors from the collection even though it was hard to settle on only four.

Lady balance 1931 coconut

Lady wonderwall 394 warm grey

Lady 2856 warm blush

Lady senses 2024

See all the colors in the collection here.


beauty buzz

3. September 2015


b e a u t y  t a l k

I know that nail polish is just nail polish but it isn’t to me. I am a complete nerd when it comes to packaging design. It is the first thing I notice and and it is a very high priority when I choose my beauty products. Of course this type of OCD doesn’t always match with the beauty best sellers, but I am willing to do my research to find the perfect match. At the moment I am hooked on the these two products.

Link to products: Nail Colour Remover, All in One Facial Cleanser


roof top party

2. September 2015



m u u t o   r o o f   t o p  p a r t y

Muuto celebrated the last summer day with a beautiful roof to party in the middle of Copenhagen, all kept in shades of orange pink and red. The view was amazing and it was the perfect setting to showcase their new nordic furniture. Sometimes you forget that the buildings in a cities like Copenhagen are full of hidden treasures like roff tops and backyards.


1. September 2015

Skærmbillede 2015-09-01 kl. 22.47.47

s l i p – o n   s u e d e    s h o e s

I am glad that the more comfortable shape and heel height is back as a shoe trend. It is perfect when you have a busy everyday life and ride a bike around everywhere. I need this pretty grey slip ons so badly!

Get them here.

Image by Me & Cos.


friday faves

28. August 2015

Skærmbillede 2015-08-28 kl. 17.18.10

f r i d a y   f a v e s  :  h i g h   s t r e et

It’s friday and that means weekend and finally time do to some shopping in an actually store and not in cyperspace. Big chunks of my budget still goes to furniture for our new apartment so I am turning to high street as my fashion remedy. We all know that autumn is only weeks away so I found the perfect outfit for when the first autumn day. Get ready!

Shopping links: Shirt  /  Jacket  /  Skirt  /  Shoes  /  Bag


News from Muuto

23. August 2015

Grain_corky_nerd-bar_groove_WEBSkærmbillede 2015-08-23 kl. 11.12.56

G r a i n

Jens Fager is one of Sweden’s most interesting young designers, and although a recent graduate from Konstfack University in Stockholm, he has already made an international impact with exhibitions in London, Milan and Stockholm. His newest design GRAIN for Muuto brings a new perspective to the pendant lamp by combining a classic minimalistic design using innovative new materials. The original composite used in the lamp’s construction adds an unexpected softness and warmth to GRAIN giving its simple form plenty of character. Small grains of fibre in the lamp’s material bring subtle changes in colour and shade. 

Jens Fager er en af Sveriges mest interessante unge designere og selvom han lige har færdiggjort sin uddannelse på Konstfack Universitet i Stockholm, har han allerede gjort sig bemærket internationalt med udstillinger i London, Milano og Stockholm. Hans nyeste design GRAIN for Muuto sætter pendel lampen i nyt perspektiv, ved at kombinere et klassisk minimalistisk design med nye innovative materialer. Den oprindelige komposition der anvendes i lampens konstruktion tilføjer en uventet blødhed og varme til GRAIN, der giver den enkle form masser af karakter. De små fiberkorn i lampens materiale giver små ændringer i lampens skygge og farve.

weekend favorites

22. August 2015

Skærmbillede 2015-08-22 kl. 10.39.09

m y   w e e k e n d   f a v o r i t e s

I just bought this amazing daybed from the new IKEA Sinnerlig collection. After my opinion, the best collection IKEA has ever made. It is timeless yet very trendy and made in great materials. This is how I would style it.

Daybed  /  Pillows  /  Magazine storage  /  Tea pot   /  Candle holder  /  Flower pot

Jeg har lige købt denne flotte daybed fra IKEA Sinnerlig kollektionen. Det er efter min mening den bedste kollektion IKEA har lavet. Den er tidløs, trendy og lavet i super lækre materialer. Sådan her ville jeg style den.

Daybed  /  Pillows  /  Magazine storage  /  Tea pot   /  Candle holder  /  Flower pot

grey coat

18. August 2015


We all know that fall is coming and it is always that same as bikini season. You can’t decide which coat until everything is sold out in your size. Avoid it this year by getting this classic and timeless will coat. Perfectly comfortable and perfectly chic. Shop it here.

Vi ved at efterået er på vej og det er altid det samme som i bikinisæsonen. Du kan i bestemme dig for en jakke, før alt er udsolgt i din størrelse. Det kan du undgå i år, ved at købe denne klassiske og tidløse grå uldfrakke. En jakke der er behagelig og fin på samme tid. Shop den her.


northmodern part I

17. August 2015


n o r t h m o d e r n    d e s i g n    f a i r

Northmodern er en innovative designmesse som kun er en håndfuld år gammel. Du kan opleve messen to gange om året i København og det er et af mine favoritsteder at finde skandinavisk inspiration. Dens unikke placering ved siden af det smukke Bella Sky, gør det til en top kultural destination for alle designelskere. Næste gang du kan opleve northmodern er d. 14-16 Januar, 2016.

Northmodern is a innovative design fair that is only a couple of years old. You can experience the design fair two times a year in Copenhagen and it is one of my favourite places to find Scandinavian inspiration. Its unique positioning next to the beautiful Bella Sky makes it a top cultural destination for all design lovers. Next edition of northmodern will run January 14-16, 2016.



Spa Day

10. August 2015


New soft towels from Södahl calls for a spa day. It’s a great way to rewind before a busy week starts and after a day in the sun, my skin needs to be pampered a bit. I just bought this new All in One Facial Cleanser, it has a nice and subtle scent. Just how I like my beauty products.

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8. August 2015


This week I got the pleasure to work in this beautiful studio at Yellows. A studio that has the most perfect grey wall, just waiting to be styled to perfection. Working in a place like this, makes my fingers tingle. Just wanna start styling right away. Thank you Yellows for


Golden Details

5. August 2015


Today I visited EMA ét MALINA, to see their new collection. I loved the golden details mixed with all the white space. It would be amazing to live in an old building likes this. Also I am on the hunt for a new mirror, so this was a very good source of inspiration.

Happy Fashion Week!



This weeks high street

3. August 2015



Welcome August & happy monday to all. It’s a new month and a new week, and maybe time for sa little shopping? These are a few of my favorite high street items this week.

Top / Zara     Bag / Zara     Hand Cream / & Other Stories     Knit / & Other Stories

Bathroom shopping

31. July 2015

3f3bc6694e27eda8d4739ecc887e7a56Skærmbillede 2015-07-30 kl. 14.19.43

Bathrooms can often be styled to clinical. By adding a few warmer tones, gives the room a more relaxed vibe and an almost spa kind of feeling. Who dosen’t want that! I found a few items to create that kind of feeling.

Cups / Mette Duedahl    Soap dispenser / Kähler    Basket / House Doctor   Towels /Vipp

Photo from Pinterest.


Tel Aviv #1

30. July 2015


Jeg har lige været en uge i Tel Aviv, hvor jeg har nydt de mange strande, flotte tropiske planter og exotiske drinks. Det har været skønt med lidt storbyferie, efter to uger i Spanien. Vi besøgte Tel Aviv Museum of Art, som har fået en fantastisk flot tilbygning og havde også en hel dag i Jerusalem.

Dejlig sommer til alle!

I just spent a week in Tel Aviv where I enjoyed the many beaches, tropical plants and exotic drinks. It was great, with a little city vacation after two weeks in Spain. We visited Tel Aviv Museum of Art, that had added a beautiful new building and we also had a day in Jerusalem.

Happy vacay to all!

postcard from Villajoyosa

18. July 2015



I just landed from an amazing vacation in Spain, in a small town named Villajoyosa. We are there almost every year, but I still keep discovering new things. Tomorrow I am off to Tel Aviv for a week, so you will have to due with a quick digital postcard, until I am back again. But remember, you can follow my vacation on instagram right here.



healthy hair

6. July 2015


h a i r    l i f e   s a v e r s

When i am on vacation and spending all my days at the beach, my hair is gonna get dried out at some pont. Ever since i was introduced to Moroccanoil, I have been hooked. The volume shampoo and conditioner, gives my flat nordic hair some serious volume. And the oil treatment is good for my tired split ends. A beauty must have, if you ask me.

Shop Moroccanoil in my webshop here.


Når jeg er på ferie og ligger på stranden hele dagen, bliver mit hår på et eller andet tidspunkt ret så tørt. Siden jeg blev introduceret til Moroccanoil, har jeg været vild med deres produkter. Alle deres produkter er af højeste kvalitet og gør virkelig det de lover. Jeg bruger volume shampoo og balsam, for at give mit flade nordiske hår noget seriøst fylde. Og den berømte olie, bruger jeg til mine tørre og trætte spidser. Det er uden tvivl et beauty must have, for mig.

Køb Moroccanoil i min webshop her.


ikea sinnerlig

5. July 2015





n e w   c o l l e c t i o n

I am so excited about the new Sinnerlig collection from IKEA, designed by Ilse Crawford for ikea. The collection has a minimalistic and nordic vibe. All the new products will be available from August 2015. I can’t wait! I’ll definitely buy the braided couch, it’s amazing.

m a t c h a

4. July 2015


m i r a c l e    t e a

I like many others, have fallen for the new healthy food trend. Anything that is drinkable and is amazingly healthy, is a win for me. A long standing tradition of Japanese culture, Matcha Green Tea is the highest quality powdered green tea available. Made from the nutrient-rich young leaves picked from the tips of shade-grown Camellia sinensis plants, Matcha Green Tea is steamed, stemmed, and de-vined before being stone-ground into very fine powder. Matcha Green Tea powder is then stored away from light and oxygen in order to preserve its brilliant green color and antioxidant properties. This miracle elixir has been consumed for over a millennium in the Far East, and is now considered to be one of the most powerful and trendy super foods. Matcha tea has a million good benefits, here is a list of some of them…

  • High in antioxidants
  • Enhances calmness
  • Boost the memory and concentration
  • Burns calories
  • Increases energy levels
  • Detoxifies the body

Matcha tea can be used in a ton of different ways. The tea standard tea version has a very special taste, but you can mixed it in your latte, cake smooth or juice! I can really recommend starting your day out with a Matcha latte, instead of the usual espresso. Get your Matcha here.



30. June 2015

4110369_Menu_Phold01_Nude_01_Milj_4110369_Menu_Phold01_Nude_01_Milj__s t o r a g e

Do you also suffer from small-objects-everywhere-syndrome, then keep readig. If you like me, are looking for storage for smaller items, PHOLD from MENU is the perfect solution. It’s made of silicone and is so easy to open and close and can storage all those small uncategorized objects we women have. I need some in my office and in my bedroom. Actually just one in every room! Shop it here.

Har du også små udefinerbare objekter liggende rundt omkring, så læs med her. Leder du også efter den perfekte løsning til at opbevare dine små sager, så  er PHOLD fra MENU den perfekte løsning. Den er lavet af silikone, er nem at åbne og lukke og kan bruges til at opbevare alle de små objekter vi kvinder samler, som er svære at kategorisere. Jeg mangler en i mit soveværelse og på mit kontor. Faktisk bare en i hvert rum! Shop den her.


festival beauty essentials

29. June 2015


f e s t i v a l     b e a u t y    e s s e n t i a l s

Saturday I received the best festival beauty kit from Noise PR with everything from moisturizer, hair bands, quick drying top coat, cleansing foam and salt water spray. I am going to Roskilde Festival this week and I can’t wait! These three items are my beauty must haves on a Festival. Absolute Beautifying Shampoo by davines, a Green Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Wash by Sanctuary Spa and of course, a Hair Refresher also by davines. Festivals are fun enough as it is, but there’s no denying they are made all the better by clean hair and body and maybe some red lipstick. #happyfestival

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I lørdags modtog jeg det ultimative festival beauty kit fra Noise PR med alt fra ansigtscreme, hårelastikker, hurtigtørrende top coat, renseskum og saltvandsspray. Jeg skal på Roskilde i den her uge og glæder mig så meget! Disse tre ting er mine beauty must haves, jeg helt klart ikke kan undvære på en Festival. Absolute Beautifying Shampoo fra davines, en Green Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Wash fra Sanctuary Spa og selvfølgelig en Hair Refresher også fra davines. At være på Festival er jo sjovt nok i sig selv, men vi kan hurtig blive enige om at de er endnu sjovere når man føler sig nyvasket har lækkert hår og måske lidt røde læber. #happyfestival

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shades of beige

25. June 2015



s t y l e

The beige color is a big yes this summer. These silk trousers has an amazing silhouette and will be perfect for warm summer nights. A simple t-shirt, flat sandals and a bag that can fit all the small items and a good book. Pick a shade and embrace the beige.

Shopping links: Trousers  /  Sandals  /   T-shirt  /   Bag

Beige er en farve man ikke kan komme uden om, denne sommer. Jeg er fuldstændig forelsket i disse silkebukser. De har den smukkeste silhouette og er perfekte til en varm sommeraften. En enkel t-shirt, et par flade sandaler, en god taske til alle mine sager og en god bog. Pick a shade & embrace the beige.

new arrivals

25. June 2015

Skærmbillede 2015-06-25 kl. 07.52.03n e w   a r r i v a l s

My webshop is booming with new beautiful things. I really feel like doing some shopping myself. These are the items I think is necessary for my living room. Shop all the items right here.

Der er masser af fine nyheder på min webshop. Jeg for helt lyst til at shoppe lidt selv. Her er nogle af de ting jeg ikke kan leve uden og som ville passe perfekt ind i min stue. Shop det hele her.


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24. June 2015


g o l d e n   c l u t c h

We are entering the wedding season and that means pretty dresses, party shoes and powerful clutches. This golden metal clutch is from & Other Stories. The chain can be removed by choice. Because of its transparency, it only allows you to bring only the really necessary items. I kind of like that philosophy and what more do you need than your iPhone and lipstick?

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Vi går bryllupssæsonen i møde og det betyder finde kjoler, festlige sko og cool clutches. Den her metal clutch i guld er fra & Other Stories. Kæden kan tages af efter behov. Fordi den er gennemsigtig, tillader den kun at man medbringer det mest nødvendige. Det er en ret fin filosofi og hvad har man ellers brug for mere end sin iPhone og en læbestift?

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cup of tea

23. June 2015


t e a   m o m e n t

Today I am enjoying a cup of tea and the calmness. The black cup from Stelton, is perfect for suger and the wooden lid can be used to place my hot tea on. Love it when things have multiple functions. We are still getting pretty flowers because of the new apartment. Win win!

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Jeg nyder min eftermiddag og stilheden med en kop te. Den sorte kop fra Stelton, er pefekt at have sukker i og låget kan bruges som en bordskåner. Elsker når tingene har flere funktioner. Vi for stadig mange blomster pga. den nye lejlighed. Win win!

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braided wedges

18. June 2015

5330011111_w_2_3_2n e u t r a l

I am really happy that I booked two weeks to Spain, now that the weather is no way near summery. These braided raffia wedges, would be great for all my summer outfits and are perfectly neutral. Shop them here.

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Jeg er virkelig glad for at jeg har booket to uger til Spanien, når nu vejret på ingen måde er sommerligt herhjemme. Disse wedges ville være perfekte til alle mine sommer outfits og er fine og neutrale. Shop dem her.

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d e t a i l s

17. June 2015


m i n i m a l i s m

Calm colours and white details, is key to get the nordic minimalistic look. I am looking into various options for my new bedroom. There are so many creative solutions to the bed table these days. If you a looking for inspiration too, I am gathering all the inspiration on Pinterest here.

Shopping links: Porcelain dishMarble

Rolige farver og hvide detaljer er nøgleelementer, hvis du går efter den nordiske og minimalistiske stil. Jeg kigger på forskellige løsninger til mit soverværelse lige for tiden. Der er så mange kreative ideer efterhånden, når det kommer til sengeborde. Hvis du også mangler inspiration, samler jeg alt min på min Pinterest her.

Shopping links: PorcelænsfadMarmor

ILVA AW2015 #2

16. June 2015




p a r t    t w o

I promised you more pictures from the ILVA press event. I loved that they styled a bedroom in a beautiful orangerie. It would be amazing to wake up in a place like that. One of their new product lines, is boxes that comes in two sizes and two colours. The concept is to mix and match, to make the perfect combination that suits your home. The AW2015 collection will be in stores from August. See more photos from the event here.

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Jeg lovede jo, at vise jer flere billeder fra ILVA presseeventet. Jeg syntes det var fantastisk kreativt, at de havde stylet soveværelset i et orangerie. Hvem ville ikke elske at vågne op i en tropisk drømmeverden. En af deres nye produktlinjer består af to forskellige størrelser kasser i hvid eller træ, som man kan sammensætte til sin helt egen kombination. AW2015 kollektionen vil være i butikkerne fra August. Se flere billeder fra eventet her.

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14. June 2015






c l a s s i c  &  t i m e l e s s

This week I attended the AW2015 press event for Stelton. I grew up with Stelton steel elements around the house,  so I was quite excited to reveive the invitation. One of their new products, is an electric kettle that looks like it was made of ceramic (it’s made of plastic) and with a wooden handle. Super elegant and so beautifuly designed, that you would want to serve your hot water straight in it. The kettle has two layers so it never gets hot. Just what I need in my new kitchen – beautiful kitchen electronic that blends in. See more pictures from the event here.

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DK; I denne uge, deltog jeg i et AW2015 presseevent for Stelton. Jeg er vokset op med Stelon stål elementer rundt omkring i huset, så jeg var ret glad for at modtage invitationen. En af deres nye produkter, er den fineste elkedel, der ligner den er lavet i keramik (selvom den er lavet i plastik) og har en smuk træhank. Super elegant og så smukt designed, at du gerne vil stille den på bordet. Kedlen er lavet med dobbeltlag så den ikke bliver varm. Lige hvad jeg har brug for i mit nye køkken – fint køkkenelektronik der blender ind. Se flere billeder fra eventet her.

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14. June 2015


n e w   i n   t o w n

This week Bolinder Stockholm was launchen in Denmark for the first time. The press event took place at the beautiful galley Etage Projects. With their signature hand-stitched square motif and handcrafted in soft napa leather, Bolinder Stockholm is the essence of understated chicness. All bags are designed with magenta leather interior, that makes it easy to get an overview and is a nice hidden detail. See more photos from the beautiful press event in Copenhagen here.


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11. June 2015


A W 2 0 1 5

Wednesday I attended the press release for the ILVA AW2015 collection. The collection represented three different styles. The new nordic wave, with light wood and green decorations. The more international hotel look, with big dark velvet couches. And the more contemporary and classic look. One of my favourite items, was this black marble table and the creamy carpet. I have long been looking for a partner for the white marble table I already have and this would be perfect. The AW2015 collection will be in stores from August. Stay tuned for more photos form the event soon….




vacation accessories

10. June 2015

Skærmbillede 2015-06-10 kl. 11.28.03


t h e   p e r f e c t   s u m m e r   a c c e s s o r i e s

In three weeks I will be laying on the beach, reading a good book and drinking chilled shandy. The summer in Denmark is not really summer yet, so I am looking forward to some steaming hot weather. It is of course necessary to make sure you have all the right accessories, for the vacation you are going on. For my vacation I need a practical shoulder bag for exploring. A pair of nice sunglasses. Comfortable sandals to wear during the day and for going out at night. And last but not least, a Panama hat to protect my face when the sun is at its highest.

Shopping links;


9. June 2015



The worlds biggest oyster was found in Denmark in 2013. The Oyster is both vey beautiful, but also very dramatic and raw. Something that only nature can create. This poster designed by From us with Love for Paper Collective, is a series of three named Nature 1:1. So the Oyster you see on this poster, is the same size as the Oyster they found in 2013. Just a fun fact for your next cocktail party. The poster is available right here.

getting organized

8. June 2015

Skærmbillede 2015-06-08 kl. 11.21.25


g e t   o r g a n i s e d   t o d a y

Moving in to the new apartment and having a lot of extra space, I suddenly need to figure out a way to get everything organized, without having furnitures everywhere taking up space. I have been looking at this Pocket Organizer from Normann Copenhagen, for our long hallway. It would be good for keys and small pieces of paper, that is hard to categorise. I could also use them beside my bed and in my new office. Get them right here.

styling with by Lassen

5. June 2015





s t y l i n g   e v e n t

Last night I went to a styling event, hosted by the danish design company by Lassen. One of their newest products this year, is the “Stropp”. It’s a very simple leather strap, but don’t be fooled by its simpleness. It it can be used in endless ways. The only limit is your imagination. We all had the opportunity to style the “Stropp” along with some very beautiful props. A perfect thursday evening in great company of fellow bloggers. I think I’m gonna use mine as a magazine holder beside my bed, or beside my couch in my living room. See more of my “Stropp” stylings here.

Get the “Stropp” right here.




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