N-BB01 Book Box

“N-BB01” is a collection of bespoke storage objects, designed by Norm Architects and collaboratively produced by Danish; August Sandgren and Japanese; Karimoku Case Study.

The storage boxes are designed to accommodate the everyday-life chaos, providing a home to the small essential belongings and raise the question of why storage often resides out of sight. The first series have been specifically produced for the Archipelago House, a private summerhouse located on the unspoiled and rocky western coast of Sweden.


The wooden structure of the house draws inspiration from the local building traditions found in boat houses along the shore and several architectural elements and details have been interpreted into the storage boxes.

“Quality to us is the most important heritage we have. August himself always had quality as the driver of his work and he would therefore pay attention to every little detail of his work. Nothing left his workshop unless perfect in craft and material. We have adopted this philosophy and we aspire to deliver on it with every object that leaves our workshop. All our objects are made in Europe by hand.”

– August Sandgren



Made by the leading Japanese wooden furniture manufacturer, Karimoku, the N-BB01 collection pays homage to the traditional bookbinding craft from which August Sandgren finds its origin, merged with carpentry details and joints, so well known from Japanese architecture.

“In the design process, it was a clear goal for us, that the details in the product itself should speak directly into the surrounding architecture and interior, while also telling the story of each of the companies being involved in the production, August Sandgren, with their roots in the art of bookbinding and Karimoku with proud history of being the leading wooden furniture manufacturer in Japan.”


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