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Sleepi tight

Two months into parenthood and the lack of sleep is getting quite normal. I didn’t think I could get use to it, but I guess we can get use to quite a lot. Carla’s room is still in the making as she is too little to use it yet, so she sleeps in our bedroom. When choosing the furniture for Carla’s room I wanted something felxible, so I went for the Stokke Sleepi. A beautiful oval bed that has wheels so it is easy to move around in the apartment, which is really helpful during the day when I am home alone. She is a baby that likes a lot of attention and don’t want to miss a thing, so sometimes I also use it as a playpen next to my desk. She loves looking at her mobile and her baby noises really makes me laugh! Even though I adore the Stokke Sleppi Mini edition, she won’t be a baby forever. Luckily it is a 4-in-1 crib that grows with your baby all the way to age 10. It is crazy to think that she will be 10 one day, I just want to enjoy every moment, even the sleepless ones too.


We have painted the walls with Jotun Mineral and added some curtains from IKEA. The cute Bonbon pillow is from Oyoy and the mobile many of you have asked about, is from Etsy.

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