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Childhood dreams

When I was little I dreamt of being and architect. I loved fantasizing about all the pretty houses I would make and who would live in them. Unfortunately I have never been that good at math, so I decided on another path within design. But the childhood dream still stuck with me and when I saw this doll house from Ferm Living, I just had to get it for Super Carla. I really wanted a funkis styled house for her room and almost bought one at an auction a few months back, but I didn’t get it. This edition from Ferm Living¬†is modern and raw and up for interpretation. I have added a few black miniature chairs from IKEA to start with. I am sure she will give it her own touch once she is big enough. I also love how the light shines through the windows!


Styling and photography by Caroline Birk Bahrenscheer 

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