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A seat at the table

Having a baby, means maxing up on equipment. When we are leaving the house, it looks like we are going on a long weekend, when we might just be visiting our parents for dinner. Becoming a parent, opens up to a whole new category of shopping and it is is a jungle, I’ll tell you. People have so many opinions on what you will need once the baby arrives, what is smart and also what you definitely don’t need.

That was the case with the Stokke Newborn set, but it has saved me so many times when being home alone with Carla. She has never been the baby that just wanted to lay down and relax. She was quite strong from birth and could almost hold her head by herself. When you hold her in your arms, she wants to sit or stand on her feet, so she is pretty much a baby who doesn’t want to be one. It is also quite nice when we are all at home and having dinner together, she, even though she is only three months old, also has a seat at the table.



The newborn seat is easily attached to the Trip Trap stool, that almost everyone in our family owns, so we brought it with us during Christmas for all the dinner parties. I had a Trip Trap stool myself as a kid, and it is the most comfortable chair.

I also quite like the new version Stokke Bouncer that can also be used on the floor and it comes in so many pretty colors. I especially like the orange but maybe I will try that one next time, if there comes a next time.

photo © Caroline Birk Bahrenscheer


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