Set the table with Georg Jensen Damask

September was a big month of celebration. Me and may daughter’s birthday is only a week a part, so we decided to throw one big birthday. I am the type of person that use a tablecloth every day and not only for special occasions. I wash a bit more but I also think they take up too much space in the closet if I only use them 5 times a year.

I wanted to have simple table setting this year, so all the cakes could stand out, so I chose the PLAIN tablecloth and matching PLAIN napkins. Linen is soft and heavy but first and foremost, luxurious and it has such an elegant look even when it hasn’t been ironed. Actually, all of Georg Jensen Damask’s products were woven in linen, so this tablecloth celebrates the strong traditions of the past in both the choice of material and the beautifully embroidered logo. 


I love that it has such a timeless design and can be used for all occasions, all year around. I am already planning a beautiful table for Christmas with berries and branches from the nature.
Walnuts from my in laws garden. Perfect as a table decoration while they dry.
A little selection of my Georg Jensen Damask favorites. Texture is always important to me when I choose new fabric to incorporate in my home.
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