Say Hello to Karin

I have spend the last four years searching the internet for a very special lounge chair – the Karin chair, designed by Bruno Mathsson. The grandpa look paired with the chrome frame makes is classic and modern at the same time. Finding the right combination of fabric that was not to worn out, was not easy. I placed bids on many auction and lost every single time. So when Norm Architects partnered with DUX I was more than thrilled. My favorite chair re-designed by my favorite architect studio and I most say, it was the perfect match. The choice of fabric gave the chair such a tactile feeling and a look that fitted with my interior style.

I chose to go with two chairs instead of a two seater couch. It has given more air in the living room and doesn’t take as much of our view. It is also more flexible to move around wherever we need them. We are a big family, so we fight about who gets the chair, every night.


This classically elegant armchair was designed by Bruno Mathsson in 1969 and was the first item of furniture in a successful collaboration that lasted for several decades.
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