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Take a seat in well designed couches by some of the worlds best designers and architects, and at an approachable price. High-end, low price. The new danish furniture brand COMMON believe in great design and quality should also be affordable, otherwise its not well designed, therefor all couches are produced in fabric by Kvadrat. COMMON are driven by design, and therefore the collective of designers driving them are the most radical and yet sensible designers out there. These are the people who dream about how they might enrich people’s lives through design. They are not collaborating because they make nice furniture, they chose them because they know how to make great skyscrapers, clothing, and things people live in or with daily.

“Design for us is all about the experience of context. An object’s context to the space it resides in, and everything besides the object itself. It helps define the form and functionality, and eventually with who the object will resonate. You’ll notice none of our products look alike, and that’s because no two humans really are alike.”

Take a seat.



“I think most people should have a daybed in their workplace. They would probably be more efficient if they were allowed to take a nap from time to time.” -CHRIS L. HALSTRØM



“Armless sofas are truly casual since they are really basic in their function, but with some extras for all-around users – we love the fact, that someone can easily sleep on the couch since no armrests are limiting you..” – GECKELER MICHELS



“We were inspired by a wooden bench, and the desire to be able to take a good nap in it. Armrests often seem to be in the way of a good position for napping, so we decided to add this function into the armrest, so it would also become a headrest.” –  STUDIO DAVID THULSTRUP


Photos by COMMON

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