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MY IVAR IKEA Hack – The final result

After a few days of hard work, I am finally ready to show you the final results of my IVAR IKEA Hack. You all voted on my three moodboards and it was a close race between Moodboard 1 and Moodboard 3, but eventually moodboard 3 took home the victory.

My inspiration for this one, was the rattan cabinet from the IKEA Stockholm collection. Many of you might already know that I have this cabinet at home and so many of you has asked about it on my story, so I thought it would be ideal with a DIY project in the same category. It is also inspired by the mid-century style I see everywhere and especially on instagram. Rattan, wooden furniture, bamboo, warm notes and craftsmanship. I wanted to make a cabinet that fitted with this trend, which I think will continue long into 2018.

The Process

I started off measuring the cabinet doors and cutting two pieces of my pre-woven cane to fit. I left a little extra room to work with and cut of the excess as one of the final steps. I soaked the two pieces of cane in warm water, in my kitchen zink, for about 40 minutes.

During the soaking time I started  assembling the IVAR cabinet and screwed the legs on, but waited to mount in the shelves and the cabinet doors.

mAfter 40 minutes, I dried off the two pieces of cane and started attaching it to the cabinet doors. I started off in one side and slowly placed the brass studs from one side to the other.

Then I placed glue on all of the front of the cabinet door, with a paint brush and placed the rest of the cane on top. Next I attached the cane with brass studs on the other side too. I placed the two doors under a lot of heavy books, while the glue dried, over night.

Finally, I attached the doors back on the cabinet and placed the door handles and voila! It took me about two days to make and I am pretty happy with the result.

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Shopping list

This is what you need to create your own IVAR IKEA Hack. I made my shopping list online, so that it would be easy for me to find everything in the IKEA warehouse. Very timesaving when you bring a baby along. I only needed to buy three things outside IKEA, to create my IVAR IKEA Hack. Glue, brass studs and pre-woven cane.

IVAR cabinet from IKEA

EDVALLA drop handle from IKEA


2 meters pre-woven cane

Wood glue

Brass studs

Photos © September edit

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