A minimalist lounge chair in oak and rattan

They were all over instagram with their famous Numbers Lamps and now they are introducing a new piece of furniture. The beautiful 15Chair, a minimalist lounge chair in oak and rattan made by hand from FSC certified wood. This new release has a mid century vibe to it and  is minimal and simple compared to other big and bulky lounge chairs. Rattan has really come back the last two years, I also used it in this DIY I did earlier this year.

This chair is already so popular that it has  a line-up for the first batch, and I really undertand that. Made from sustainably sourced solid Oak with a unique look as every piece of wood is hand selected and carefully hand made in Sweden – built to last. This chair is added to my wish list too. It is certainly a minimalist lounge chair from production to design.


A minimalist lounge chair in oak and rattan.


The Kovac Family

Camilla and Christopher Kovac is the force behind Sweden based multidisciplinary companyKovac Family, launched 2012, designing and providing products and services as environmentally friendly as possible putting sustainability at the core of everything they do. The products are made in Sweden using sustainable materials. They are sold exclusively in their showroom and  webshop to avoid traditional retail markups, they will however arrange shorter pop-up collaborations around the world. Their goal is to deliver a completely natural light source in collaboration with Biomimicry, funding research with profits from the design products.


A minimalist lounge chair in oak and rattan.

Photos in curtesy of Kovac Family

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