A Day in AIAYU at the AUDO

When it comes to traveling I have never understood the sentence the people saying “It doesn’t matter where you live.” To me, it is just as important as the destination. I notice all the small details. The key to the room, the smell of the hand soap, the books on the table and the sheets on the bed. I spend my birthday at the new extraordinary hotel in Copenhagen – The Audo. It is in my opinion one of the most beautiful design hotels in this city and if you don’t plan on staying there, the café and the shop, is definitely worth a visit. As former CEO and founder of MENU, Bjarne Hansen took on a new venture with a strong vision to connect kindred spirits from across the globe, through this new space concept. With a clear idea in mind, he brought together different creative individuals and began the journey to manifest his dream together with Norm Architects and Nathan Williams from Kinfolk.

The name, Audo, is an abbreviation of the latin phrase Ab Uno Disce Omnes meaning ”from one, learn all”, defining the space as a place for people to share ideas, experiences and knowledge. The Audo is a meeting place where the international art and design community can come together, collaborate, experiment, and incorporate the inspiration they find into a unique story that they can then share with the world.

The Audo has partnered with a strong selection of brands, one of them being Aiayu. A danish company that makes clothes and products for the home, with care for the environment, the worker and the wearer.


I woke up to the most beautiful sun coming from my window.
I love slow mornings with good reading materials and coffee in bed. The cardigan is Rincon by Aiayu and is also one of my favorite styles from the collection. The perfect classic cardigan in my eyes.
All the beds at the hotel is by DUX and I must say, very comfortable to sleep in.
A corner on the hotel shop where you can find a selection of clothes, homeware, ceramic and art.
Aiayu also has a menswear collection with timeless pieces that will last a lifetime. See the Aiayu Man collection here.
Pillow and knit by Aiayu.
I am very picky when it comes to bedlinen but my first night sleeping in Aiayu was heavenly. Soft and crisp at the same time and made from organic GOT certified cotton. Need I say more. Shop Aiayu bedding here.
The Auto has a stunning material library on the first floor, also a great place to work.
After taking a fresh walk in the area I cuddled up on the couch in a warm chunky knit. Shop it here.
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