Odem Atelier

When hunting for new objects for my apartment I tend to spend many hours online, trying to find unique pieces that are not available to everyone and maybe even have a special story. Odem Atelier  was founded in early 2017 by Stockholm based designer and photographer Nikodem Calczynski with the goal of creating a living space for unique décor.

Kitchen, dining and home accessories merge to create an original modern niche fusing knowledge & quality with a genuine touch of authenticity. Items collected by Odem Atelier are all of the highest quality, deliberately handpicked and handmade.

Representing a collective of international artists, these experimental individuals express their personal visions through creating collectable future classics. Take a walk through the minds of the designers and experience striking fossilized wood decor, timeless interior accessories and decorate your table using nothing but the finest ceramics.

”I want every piece to speak for itself, elevate a room and evoke feelings – almost like having a personality of it’s own. I see Odem Atelier  as an experiment and a way for me to visually express my emotions” – Nikodem Calczynski, Founder

My favourite item is this handmade ceramic tray. Ever since I saw it at my favourite restaurant Admiralgade 26 in Copenhagen, I have had a crush on this ceramic artist.


“I set out to create a boundary-free space for artists to use the moment for expression, a place where mistakes are encouraged, almost like a sandbox for creators to play in. My belief is in letting talented individuals do what they do best, to curiously experiment and cultivate their art.” – Nikodem Calczynski, Founder

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