The podcasts that I listened to in 2019

One of my New Years resolutions is to listen to even more podcasts. I often do it when I am on the go, or when I work from home. I already know many good ones, but I also feel like there are so many  podcasts to discover. One thing I find very important when I listen, is to use earphones. I tend to forget to really listen, if I use my big speakers. I need the sound really close to my ears, so I don’t get distracted and here the Active Noise Cancellation also truly makes a difference. FreeBuds 3 from @huaweimobiledk allows me to move freely around and gives me great sound for many hours. They are also very light, so light that I sometimes forget that I am wearing them. They come in the cutest little box, white in my case, that can fit in any little purse. Easy for charging and accessible. 


These are some of the international
podcasts I am listening to:
Letters from a Hopeful Creative 
Hashtag Authentic
Creative Voyage
Second Life
Favourite scandinavian podcasts:
Curated (a podcast that I made together with Bungalow5dk)
To the Moon Honey
Design Talk (SE) 
I hope to discover more interesting podcasts in the new year. I feel like the new FreeBuds 3 will come in great handy, when I have my hands full with the twins and just want to listen to my new favourite podcast.
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