A speaker that blends in and stands out

When it comes to technology and interior design, it is two things that can be hard to merge. A television or big speakers often stands out, when all you want it to do, is blend in. It is the never-ending discussion many couples have… She wants the pretty ones and he wants the best ones. That is one of the things, I like the most about Bang & Olufsen’s design. It is not only a pair of speakers you invest in, it is a piece of furniture that blends in and makes your home shine.

The new BeoSound Shape is the new speaker system by Bang & Olufsen. A system that not only gives you great sound and flexibility, but also allows you to customize it to the exact room you want it in, and in a colour of your choice. Living in a building that is only two years old and with concrete walls, it has been hard to get the acoustics just right. That is also something the BeoSound Shape helps with. It gives you great sound and also gives you good silence. And most of all; it looks like a piece of artwork on the wall.

To help me get an idea of how the BeoSound Shape would look in my apartment, I created my own design using the BeoSound Shape design tool. I took a photo of my living room and used Power Point to place it. It gave me a great overview of how it would actually look and if the colour would fit. You can also check out my Instastory to see how I placed my speaker design in my apartment.

Create your own personal BeoSound Shape here.





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