We are expecting…

Most of you have been so supportive of my twin pregnancy and I am really grateful. It is not always easy for the mind, to be going through a high risk pregnancy. I can feel that it is starting to get heavy on my body. I already feel very pregnant and I am only in week 23. I will have to start resting more and I am cutting down on my work. Biking around town going to meetings is something that I can feel take all of my energy, so I will need to prioritize.

We also found out what we are expecting and I know some of you are very curious to know. It is two Girls!

I have so many beautiful girl names on my list and only one boy name, so I think it is ment to be. I kind of had a feeling about it, so I was not that surprised when she told us. It was just completely natural. I can’t wait to meet my little Girl Squad


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