21 weeks and I am only half way. There is a long way to go and I feel like this is going to be big! The babies are moving every day and I feel like it will soon get a bit crowded in there. I am overwhelmed with the love and comments on my latest Instagram post regarding pregnancy. See it here.

I am getting a lot of brutal honest comments to my twin pregnancy. 

– Did you get help?
– Does it run in your family, can it happen to me? 
– I should have been a twin but the other didn’t make it.
– Are you sure it’s not triplings?
– That is going to be hard!

Please understand that a twin pregnancy is a high risk pregnancy, and hearing your honest thoughts and stories, doesen’t help. There is already twice the risks and twice the hormones to deal with. Sometimes I feel like people act like this is something that I have chosen, or that I have caught some decease that they are afraid to get. Being pregnant with identical twins is a miracle, and even though it runs in our family, identical twins are just a miracle and has nothing to do with genes.

So please be kind the next time you meet any pregnant woman. It is a fragile state that we are in and we need all the support and girl power that we can get. 


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