KEVI 2060
Finding the right set of dining chairs that meets all your demands, is like finding the perfect set of shoes. You have to try a lot, to find the right fit. I want comfort, timeless and classic design. I am testing out the new KEVI 2060 chair by Engelbrechts. You might recognize it as the timeless office chair designed back in 1958 by Jørgen Rasmussen, but now it is finally available as a four legged dining chair, some long-awaited news. The sketches for the chair has been in the archives for many years and are now finally seeing the light of day. Already made in numerous editions, the 2060 chair is the newest addition to the KEVI family. KEVI 2060 has exactly the same seat and back as the KEVI 2533 designed by Jørgen Rasmussen in 1958. And I must say, it really meets my demands on comfort and it is stackable too!

The chair is designed with both steel and wooden legs. But I am really a fan of thin legs, so the steel version is naturally my favourite. Now it just comes down to the colour…. black or chrome? See all the editions right here.

Photos by @septemberedit

Rug/&tradition Pitcher/Stelton Milk jug/Skagerak Glasses/Iittala Lamp/Flos

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