The Daybench by KlipKlap

Our homes become more and more flexible over the years. I like the idea of investing it good furniture that can be used in different rooms and maybe have different functions. It adds more history to the furniture and it is good for the planet and for our wallet. The Danish brand KlipKlap share some of the same values with their latest design, which works as a table a small couch and a bench – also called the Daybench. With its size and flexibility, it invites you to create your very own favorite furniture – soft and colorful or tight and practical.

The form-fitting hand-framed oak frame is the starting point, but you can style it just after your own head with cushions and pillows in a wide range of colors and qualities.

“A classic daybed like KK Daybed can make it difficult for some to get space. With KK Daybench, you now have the opportunity to get room for that little extravagant piece of furniture, even though space is limited,” says designer Charlotte Høncke.


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