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Getting back on track

Being pregnant was both wonderful and challenging and when it comes to my skin, it was a rollercoaster. The last couple of days of my pregnancy it was pretty clear to see that the hormones had taken over. And when I gave birth I had about three days where my skin turned into perfection, but it was quiet before the storm. After that, I had two months where I struggled with. I knew that the baby would have hormonal spots for a couple of weeks, I just didn’t know I would have it too. I slept with this Supreme Moisture Mask by Nuori every night and sometimes during the day as well and it really made a different. For my body I used the Perfecting Body Oil. Needles to say, after so many months of being pregnant and going through a C-section, my body looked far from perfect. But I am obsessed with the smell of it and the 10 minutes of rubbing and pampering yourself, feels pretty good. After nearly four months my skin is finally back on track, I hardly need my concealer and the scar is now the beginning of something greater.


photo © Caroline Birk Bahrenscheer



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