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Scandinavia is a vast bio-diverse region famous for many things, but none of them being to do with how things smell. You can ask a Dane to explain hygge and they will happily describe something that has no translation, but ask them to explain what it smells like and they often draw a blank. You can ask a French perfumer to recreate fields of lavender, fig or citrus fruits and they will repeat years of experience to find a new interpretation, but none of these fields exist in the far north. “Isn’t it all just pine and snow?” asked one perfumer, somewhat puzzled.

Yet the sense of smell is the most powerful sense we possess. It reminds us of the past, rekindles happy memories, transports us to new places, and, when used delicately, like a watercolour brushstroke, it can provide a background, an atmosphere, and a sense of peace and harmony to any moment. The new hand care collection from Skandinavisk gives us just that power.



Cold air, harsh wind, low humidity, dry and cracked skin. The Scandinavian climate can be unforgiving, and for hands – the most exposed part of the body – this problem is even more acute. Whether gripping the handlebars, steering the tiller, or hiking between settlements, gloves are not the only requirement for protecting the skin.



Skandinavisk hand care collection is produced locally, on either side of the Øresund strait, in Denmark and Sweden. We have reformulated four of our most popular home fragrances, using natural ingredients and extracts that absorb quickly, helping moisturize and protect, combined with our familiar design approach and soft fragrance impression.


Photos by Skandinavisk

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