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For me, the bathroom is a sanctuary. It is one of the only places at home where you, as a parent, can get 10 minutes of complete silence and piece. Retract from the day, relax and really  focus on yourself. But to be able to relax you have to get rid of all the noise. The dirty laundry, colorful products and for me, kids toys. Menu has a great range of products to get the minimal bathroom look, like the stunning Pepe marble mirror. It is also now available as a wall mirror if you don’t have the table space for it.

When it comes to color and material, try to narrow it down to maximum two colors and 3-4 types of materials, with one being the main.



The Pedal Bin is the most minimal answers to store your dirty laundry and keeping it out of sight. It is easy to access, does not take up to much space and can contain 20 l. Laundry day just got that much more fun.



To place a little side table by your bathtub, makes room for a nice cup of tea while your are relaxing in a hot bath. The Androgyne Side Table is one of my favorites this season. The mix of the refined marble top and contrasting wide, flat legs is perfect. It was also the first table designed for the Menu Space cafe but quickly went into production for a larger audience. The Androgyne Side Table was designed by Copenhagen-based Norwegian architect and designer Danielle Siggerud. It comes in black and ivory, with laser-cut steel legs and a stunning marble top. I am thinking it would look really good beside my couch too


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