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The first tv & stereo we had when I was growing up, was Bang & Olufsen. My father believed that it was the best on the marked and wanted to save up and get something with high quality. They still have the stereo hanging on the wall even though it can only play CD’s and radio and they also have some beautiful speakers. We had the tv for a long time before switching to a flatscreen like everyone else. But I fill like when buying a product like an iconic tv from Bang & Olufsen, it is not about the latest technology. It is about feelings, great design and history.

Bang & Olufsen was founded in 1925 in Struer, a small town in the north western part of Denmark, by two enterprising young engineers, Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen. They created the business that was to become an international design icon and a global symbol of audio-visual excellence.

Today Bang & Olufsen is world renowned for its distinctive range of quality products that combine technological excellence with emotional appeal in a sensational design language.

Today I live in a newly build rental apartment and when you live in a rental you have the compromise on the details. Not something I particular enjoy but the apartment have many other great qualities. The biggest issue since we moved in has been the tv. The wall where the tv is supers to hang, is only big enough to fit a 32′. If we go bigger the tv would cover the windows on both sides and that would cross my aesthetic boarder too much.


So we decided to go for a tv with a foot instead, and I feel really lucky to get to try the new Beovision Horizon for a few weeks, to really test it out. It comes with multiple options when it comes to the foot. The round foot is so minimal and reminds me of an easel where the tv is the painting. But if I where to invest in this beautiful tv, I would go for the more classic foot with wheels,  for the maximum flexibility. In our home we have a no-tv-in-the-bedroom-plicy but it would be nice if you could easily move it into the bedroom on those days where you are just more comfortable, watching a movie in bed. My favourite feature on the tv is the movie theatre effect, where the curtains closes when you turn it of. Those small details really makes the product! See how I also styled the Beovision Horizon right here.

Sponsored by Bang & Olufsen, styling and words by me. All opinions are my own.





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