Crystal Clear Omaggio

Transparency creates beautiful illusions and silhouettes and gives an exclusive elegance. The very well known Omaggio vase by Kähler, is probably the most recognized vase made by Kähler. I never quite fell in love with the original ceramic Ommagio, because I think the stem of the flower is just as important and aesthetic, as the flower head.

That’s why I really like the new transparent handmade glass edition of the Omaggio vase. Everything, big or little object you fill it with, gets a life of its own and becomes a part of your interior and vibe.


I always have a lot of plants in my home (some of my friends might even say too many) but I think it gives a great atmosphere to have a little bit of nature, in each room. I am also a big fan of fresh flowers. It really adds personality and celebrates the season you are in. But when I haven’t had time to visit the local flower market, I don’t just store my vases away. Instead I use them for many other purposes.

Usually they end up in my bedroom or in my home office storing paper from gifts that I got. My favourite pencils, string and other small objects that is always in use and needs to be right at hand. Get more inspiration and see what else you can use your handmade Omaggio vase for, right here.


The Omaggio glass edition, is available in three colours, two vases and a tea light. Find the Omaggio vase that suits you and your style, right here.

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