Collaboration with a table story 


The table setting at our Super Carla Celebration

Last weekend we celebrated that Super Carla got her name. We chose not to do a christening but we still wanted her to have a special day, so we decided to throw a Super Carla Celebration. We ordered food from the same chef who made the food at our wedding, and it was just as tasty. We decided on a buffet this time, to make it a bit more low-key and it made it possible for our guests to move around and make conversation.

We found a location central in Copenhagen with old wooden floors and brick walls. Instead of decorating the whole room, I wanted to have spectacular table decorations. A table story is a danish founded company that creates the perfect frame for your party.

There is a ton of different table settings available out there – and instead of offering everything, a table story offer a carefully cured selection of high quality items and continuous aesthetics. They don’t see them selves as a rental, but rather stage-makers who create frames, or storytellers who add a chapter to your story.



Even though my Instagram aesthetic is quite minimalistic, I wanted to go more colorful now that it was a party for Super Carla. I wanted to keep a child’s perspective and not go all white and green as I usually would.





This is what I ordered

Plates – Royal Copenhagen Flora

Cutlery – Goa brushed gold/white

Water glass – Crystal

Wine glass – Amber

Coffee mugs – KHWürtz

Vases – Lyngby Porcelain Form 70

Candleholder – Nordic tales brass

(I bought paper napkins, a table cloth, velvet rust colored ribbons to tie the napkins, candles, and flowers.)



Everything was derived in trays, ready to put on the table. I definitely would have chosen this concept at my wedding if it existed back then. Luckily I have a delayed birthday to celebrate this year, as I turned 30 the day after my due-date, and that would be a nice occasion to decorate a beautiful table again.


Get inspiration for your table story – right here



If you are getting married this year or having another celebration, they have a ton of beautiful moodboards to get inspiration from as well. It is pretty difficult to stick with just one theme.



We had the family help with the baking for the cake table. My husband made a carrot cake that I decorated with fresh poppy flowers.



The dress

I had this white dress in mind but unfortunately it was sold out in all sizes. Luckily Mango has a service that send you an e-mail when your size is back in stock and the day before I received a notification! I ordered it ASAP with express delivery. When we got home friday evening after decorating the location, it was waiting outside my door. Thank god for online shopping. The suede shoes were from Notabene and earrings from & Other stories.


To our Super Carla – She’s a Rainbow



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