Introducing the Harbour Chair

Designed by Norm Architects, the Harbour Chair is a clean and elegant chair, suitable for a wide range of settings and environments. Designed specifically for the combined office, showroom, café and co-working space, Menu Space, the harbour chair successfully suits a wide range of purposes – at home, at the office, in restaurants and beyond. With an armrest bending backward, and the backrest being slightly higher than on most chairs, the versatile chair provides comfort and support, while also showcasing a clean and elegant design. The chair sports organic shapes and an overall slim and clean appearance.



The chair came to life during the design process for the newly opened Menu Space, located in the upcoming area around Copenhagen’s northern harbour, designed to change and adapt at a moment’s notice – for clients, friends or visitors. It combines an office, showroom, café, co-working and event space, sporting generally soft and clean interiors, making the co-working space feel like home. The harbour chair meets the needs of all the space’s purposes.

The harbour chair is produced with a steel or wood base, with textile or leather upholstering, and is available in various colours. I especially like the deep red and camel colored.


Photos by Menu

Designer /  Kasper Rønn von Lotzbeck



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