Four favorites from Ellos vintage collection

We all know that Sweden is the country of flea markets and has lots of treasures to offer, if you are willing to get up early, that is. If you are more the sleeping in type of gal like me, Ellos Vintage Collection is worth taking a look at. Unique vintage pieces handpicked by Ellos and available online. What is not to like! These are my four favorites but be quick, they sell out fast!

It is always nice to have extra seating if a party should appear, but I try to stear away from the anonymous plastic folding chairs. This set in wood has style and personality.


You can never have too many different types of tea cups, in my opinion. My kitchen is like a museum of tea cups. These white ceramic tea cups are cute too and I am sure they come with a great story.


I like to mix all of my beautiful plants in different pots, I feel like they get their own personality that way. This Nittsjö Ceramic Pot has a nice colour and a unique texture in the glaze.


 Everything in bamboo is a big yes at the moment. I would love a kids bed for Carla but this little vintage table/magazine rack is also pretty cute.


Photos by Ellos

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