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The pink shirt

I am very picky when it comes to art. I mostly go for something unique, handmade or limited edition. The best thing is to find something when I am traveling, from a local artist or on a flea market. This time I have fallen for a piece of photo art, and that is something that is not represented in my art collection. It is a photo of a Pink Shirt, nothing more, nothing less. The colours are beautiful and it makes me stop and think. Who does it belong too? Why is it hanging there? Where is the picture taken? It is good to stop and think in these busy times. I chose to frame it in a white wooden frame to keep the lightness of the photo. For me, it is all about the framing and it needs to be real glass, not plexiglass.


The Pink Shirt from The Wall Market / Steel Box from Stilleben / Body creme and scrub from Le Labo

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