Meet Sofia Salazar, another great talent I discovered through Instagram. Sofia Salazar is an Argentinian textile designer, currently living in the UK. It ins not a coincidence that she became a textile design as both of her parents are artists and always worked freelance.

“I grew up surrounded by people that ‘made things’ for a living. Whether it was clothing, accessories, tapestries or even houses, they were building, they were creating – and that really had an impact on my whole perception of life and family and career. I feel very lucky to have been raised among them.”

– Sofia Salazar

She makes hand-embroidered sweatshirt and accessories, all made to order. It takes a week for your sweatshirt to be ready. See a video of how she works here.


“Being the owner of my time and able to work only with what I consider worth it. That’s success, that’s what I want in my life.” – Sofia Salazar


Prosperina Sweatshirt


Support the unique and visit her webshop here or get inspired by her work on Instagram here. The FaceOff sweatshirt is my favourite, it would look good in a beige version.


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