Weekly edit: Texture & materials

With this cold weather and all this beautiful snow, I am sill hibernating inside and dreaming about adding some more texture and materials to my home.

On these cold winter mornings, there is nothing better than warm rugs. This striped rug has a graphic yet timeless rug. Stripes never goes out of style.

The Glossy Cow vase by Hay has been a favorite ever since I spotted it in Milan last spring. Some things just stick. I like the od shape and pattern and it is a great contrast to all those whites vases out there.

I am such a fan of the new Column shelf by &tradition. The cold aluminium would perfectly with the plans I have for my bedroom makeover.

Ceramic has really boomed in Copenhagen the last couple of years and there are so much good to choose from. I really like these ceramic mugs ans ghost pitcher from Yonobi studio, that is definitely worth checking out if you love ceramic. They have such a great selection that I have created a very long wish list.

IDÅSEN is a new series from IKEA that I am really kean on. It has a clean look and is mostly offices furniture but this glass cabinet, would look nice in the bedroom or living room, in my opinion.

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