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Being on maternity leave, means spending more hours at home. Earlier mornings and late evenings. I love talking baby language with Carla, but I also enjoy listening to my favorite radio station or playlist, when she is a sleep. It gives me power and energy, even If I have been up four times during the night. B&O is my go to brand when it comes to technology. I have a small wireless speaker, but it is so old that it is not wireless anymore. The battery is not doing so well, but we have had it with us everywhere for many years, so I totally understand it’s getting a bit tired. The new Beoplay M3 has really caught my eye. It is so minimal and just blends in like a sculpture. And when you need to pump up the volume, you do this scratching movement on the top, like a DJ. Where’s the party at!



Photos by B&O Press

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