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New curtains coming up

One of the most asked questions I get on my Instagram, is “Which curtains I have”. The second one, “Which rug?” and third one, “How I edit my photos”. I have been wanting to do my curtains for a while. It is a budget solution that has worked great for four years, but I really want long curtains that touches the floor and made in a great quality. I discovered Arne Aksel on Instagram, as I do with many brands, and I was taken back by the choice of colors. It made me wanted to do something completely different then my safe beige choice.

Today we looked through colors and if there is something I find difficult, it is choosing colors. But I think we came to a great conclusion and I am choosing two different. One color for the bedroom and one for the living room, kitchen and dining room, which is one big space. These were the colors that I was not allowed to choose, also known as my comfort zone.

Get inspired by the colorful universe of Arne Aksel and stay tuned for the final result!


Curtains Arne Aksel Gardiner

Curtains Arne Aksel Gardiner

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