Hammershøi floor vase

This spring Kähler are introducing an impeccable new element for the home: the Hammershøi floor vase. For years, designer, Hans-Christian Bauer has been creating iconic home products inspired by the work of the artist, Svend Hammershøi. This new floor vase in the Hammershøi homeware range takes a fresh look at Kähler’s history.

For more than 50 years, the artist Svend Hammershøi was associated with Kähler’s workshop in Næstved. This is where he created his large, impressive vases with their powerful profiles and iconic furrows. It was these furrows that inspired Hans-Christian Bauer, in collaboration with Kähler, to design the Hammershøi range, which today features both classic tableware and a range of homeware.

Now, in no uncertain terms, Kähler and Hans-Christian Bauer are embracing the ’Hammershøi-esque’ tradition with a large floor vase, available in two colours. Designed with respect for history and directly inspired by Svend Hammershøi’s original vases, they will lend any room personality and make an artistic, sculptural impact, whether by themselves or decorated with seasonal twigs.


With his industrial design background, designer, Hans-Christian Bauer strives to unite the uniqueness of ceramic with a contemporary, rational idiom and a high level of utility value, which are features of the entire Hammershøi range. The floor vase is no exception. Designed in White or Anthracite earthenware with the iconic furrows and a minimalist, elegant collar that keeps the flowers and twigs in place, the characteristic Hammershøi floor vase is a consummate new element for the home.


Photos / Kähler

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