Cleaning & Garment Care

One thing that I spend a lot of time on after becoming a Mom, is laundry and cleaning. I don’t mind doing the laundry, it just takes more time tha I actually want to be spending on it. Cleaning on the other hand, is something I could live without. Dont’t get me wrong. I love a clean and tidy home and I do like the dusting and the vacuuming, but that is about it. Also, I have a really strong reaction to dust, so after 30 minutes with my head in the closet, I am a total mess.


Cleaning & Garment Care


But when I do clean, I like using products that are not too toxic and smell more like a spa then a clean toilet. I find my self holding my breath and getting really dry hands, when using more toxic products. And with Carla licking every surface and eating everything, I really don’t feel like it is safe to use.


Cleaning & Garment Care


They busy days when I don’t have time to do the full routine but I really want it to look and smell clean, linen water is a great solution. This one is from La:Bruket (gifted). Use it in the water when you iron, spray or splash it on textiles or use it to refresh your linen cupboard. It gives a nice dose of aromatherapy and adds a touch of lavender to your home and your washing. I don’t use it one the baby clothes, but ones in a while on the bedding.


How it all started

L:a Bruket was started in 2009 out of necessity. After a career in fashion branding and visual merchandising co-founder Monica Kylén decided to focus full-time on ceramics, and started making functional household products and accessories.

She quickly discovered a need for organic and natural products to compliment her designs and help protect her skin from the ceramics process. Unable to find them, she set out to make them herself. When creating the brand, Monica was inspired by the spa traditions of her home, Varberg in Sweden, that date back over 200-years.


Cleaning & Garment Care

Cleaning & Garment Care


Basket – Søstrene Grene  

Rattan tray – Souvenir

Laundry basket – Hay

Wooden tray – Loop Design Studio

Linen water and dish soap – L:a Bruket

Blanket – Cam Cam Copenhagen

Shelving – Novel Cabinet Makers

Curtain – IKEA


Cleaning & Garment Care

This product was a gift. All words and opinions are my own.


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