The perfect travel skincare kit

When I travel I prefer to travel with a carry on. It is usually faster and much more care free. The only problem about traveling with a carry on, is the liquids. It is always a problem for me getting everything to fit in that one plastic bag. Last time I had the perfect travel skincare kit from Aesop (gifted). It literally had everything! Face cream, serum, body lotion, body wash , shampoo, mouth wash, toothpaste. The only problem was, that I forgot it on my kitchen counter. When you are packing for a whole family eventually you are going to forget at least one thing.

Last time we forgot something was the charger for the camera and we were traveling for a month! For me, it works best to pack everything in one day, otherwise I forget what I put into the suitcase. Luckily I have a few work trips coming up where I can put the travel kit to use, this time Sweden and Helsinki.



I like how every kit has a little quote when you open it. This one said.

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan


The perfect travel skincare kit aesop

The perfect travel skincare kit aesop

Photography © Caroline Bahrenscheer

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