A friendly hug by Finn Juhl

Finding the right lounge chair that is both comfortable, good quality and with a nice design, is not as easy as it might sound. My experience is that the prices gets really high very quickly and the gap from a regular lounge chair to a designer lounge chair, is not that big. It might seem big when you just compare the prices, but the regular lounge chair will loose its value the day after you purchase it, where as the designer chair will keep its value for life. I have become more and more aware of making those better and smart investments in furniture (and everything else) that might cost me more to start with, but will have a quality that will last for many years.

The Pelican by Finn Juhl is a danish classic. With its characteristic soft and organic shape it is almost like a body holding a body. When you sit in it it is like getting a friendly hug.

Of all Juhl’s many designs, the Pelican was the one, which was most ahead of its time. When it was presented at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Exhibition in 1940, it stood out with its unusual shapes and sturdy legs.

Finn Juhl normally named his furniture numbers after the year in which they were designed, but over time the nickname “Pelican” stuck to the chair. Very few were manufactured and the chair was almost forgotten until it was rediscovered and relaunched in 2001.


The Pelican chair by Finn Juhl
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The Pelican chair by Finn Juhl
The Pelican Chair is produced in two versions – with or without buttons. It is manufactured with a cushion and a handsewn upholstery in fabric or leather. The legs are available in teak, oak, walnut and black painted. I like it best without the buttons where the silhouette is more in focus.
The Pelican chair by Finn Juhl
The Pelican chair by Finn Juhl
The Pelican chair by Finn Juhl
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