A contemporary kitchen by Kvänum

This new kitchen design from Kvänum went straight to my Kitchen Pinterest board. It is an Atelier kitchen from Kvänums contemporary collection that they just launched in two new colors, this one being Ax.

Atelier is characterized by a Ramel door in lacquered ash, where the pattern of the tree are allowed to appear. The doors have a narrow and slim frame that adds a graphic and refined simplicity to the design – an essential detail that makes Atelier well suited for both the classic and the modern home.

The colour Ax on the counter pairs nicely with the colour Almond of the kitchen island, all topped with a delicate thin Italian marble, Fior di Pesco, a grey stone with winding white veins and shades of pink like peach blossom. The kitchen island has open shelves and corners marked by slender pillars.

I think this is a very nice alternative to the clean white kitchen. This creamy color has a much more soft and inviting expression.


Wood from the Swedish forests
On the outside Atelier is made of painted ash, while the interior is made of solid oak. The oak tree has its roots in the royal Swedish forests of Visingö, which were planted all the way back in 1830 – originally for the purpose of supplying wood to the Swedish navy. The trees have since been allowed to grow big and strong, and it was not until 1975 that the first oak trees could be used. Quite a few trees are cut a year, some of which are used in Kvänum’s production of quality kitchens.
Photos by Kvänum

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