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With the opening of its first showroom-shop-studio in the city of Munich, the architect Esther Schulze-Tsatsas and industrial designer Dimitrios Tsatsas return to their family roots. Dimitrios’s father worked on his leather workshop, just outside of Frankfurt, for more than 30 years, producing handmade handbags and leather products. And it was in this atmosphere that grew the designer.

Esther and Dimitrios have created the concept and design of AtelierTsatsas, gathering in its 100 m2 area of sales and customer service, showroom and workshop models. This is where ideas are born and prototypes of their personal bags and accessories, which are made ​​combine the art of leather with contemporary design. The different pieces are made ​​manually near Offenbach, in a workshop with more than 30 years of experience in leather crafts.

To create the new Tsatsas Atelier, “he undressed” completely the ground floor of the building where it is located and were carefully designed interventions that visually structure the different functional areas. He also prevented them “compete” with the products, but sought that each present “a personality”.

To do this they used simple materials and objects but which used intelligently, serve to create a beautiful space. Plywood panels and industrial shelving, these ennobled with discrete shelves imported from Greece (home country Dimitrios) marble have served to give rise to an interior full of sensitivity, thus forging a link with the traditional leather.

TSATSAS means clarity and quality. With regard to design, the materials used, and the way they are treated. A particular approach to luxury is something immediately noticeable, something that can be felt straight away. These bags and accessories take time – to design, to manufacture and to develop.

All the models in the TSATSAS range are elegant and boast a cutting-edge, contemporary design. What they are not is modish in the sense of a passing fad. In the design process nothing is left to chance, the focus of the designs at all times being on achieving a perfect balance between function, aesthetics and execution.

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