This Weeks Auction – Axel Salto vase

I have bought a few pieces of furniture the last few years, on auction. Those pieces has become some of my favorites and also some of the furniture that my followers ask me the most about. therefor I have decided to dedicate a new category This Weeks Auktion to those followers. There are so many great pieces to be found on auction and given a new life. It is a great way to create that personal style that are not attainable for everyone and a great way to be sustainable.

This weeks auction is a  ceramic vase by Axel Salto. Salto was a Danish ceramic artist of international fame. His works also include painting, graphic design and illustrations for books, jewelry and textiles. As author and founder of the art magazine Klingen, Salto was also an important contributor to the art debate in Denmark. He made his debut as an artist in 1911, but his primary career as a ceramist took off at the 1925 Paris Exhibition.

This Axel Salto vase made for Royal Copenhagen. It is decorated with low relief shapes of leaves. It has a beautiful beige glaze with crystal effects. Get it here.


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