The Home of Swedish Architect Andreas Martin-Löf

Known for transforming culturally and historically valuable buildings in Stockholm for the high end market, and renewing the quality of Stockholm’s low-cost housing Andreas Martin-Löf is an award winning architect . In 2014 he received the Residence Magazine’s Architect of the Year Award for his work in these two areas. His pretty impressive CV goes all the way back until 2008 and every project is perfect down to the very detail. He has a great eye for material and when he works in colors it is subtle but not colorless. The long beautiful curtains goes on for days and the dark wooden is almost represented in every room. The interior is calm, minimalistic but very warm and welcoming at the same time. Andreas developed his home with Oscar Properties. The Lyceum developments are the result of an incredible transformation of the historical university buildings into modern and exclusive homes and is exactly what Andreas Martin-Löf does best.



Styling by Lotta Agaton & Photography by Erik Lefvander

Images via Residence

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