Storage solutions for your bathroom

Bathroom tends to get crowded with fresh towels, beauty products and all those other articles you keep in your bathroom. I keep my own bathroom quite neutral and color coordinated. A lot of products in flashy colors can quickly create a lot of noise in a small bathroom. In a busy schedule, finding times for yourself can sometimes be difficult, but the bathroom is your sanctuary. A place where you can lock the door, relax and get 10 minutes for your yourself taking a hot shower or just cleaning your face. It is so easy to create that spa feeling with a few high items.



Don’t store all your products behind white cupboards. Wood, ceramic and texture helps creating that warm and inviting feelling. Store your cotton buds in a wooden bowl, ad a little ceramic vase light a candle when you have guests over. All those small little details will make your bathroom feel like a spa in an instant.

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Styling by Anna Lenskog Belfrage and photograpy by Ragnar Omarsson.

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