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New monochrome dining chairs by Fritz Hansen

I have been wanting to change our dining chairs for a while. The black chairs did not really go with the rest of the apartment and I really wanted monochrome dining chairs that was also comfortable. The 7 chair designed by Arne Jacobsen is the chair I remember best from my childhood. It was the time where everyone was throwing away designer chairs without blinking because the times where good and everybody had money and jobs. When offices was redecorated, everything went into a container even though they were in mint condition. I can’t help thinking about how much good design was lost in those years.

My dad past a container one day on his way home from work and spotted a bunch of 7 chairs, lost and forgotten. They where white with a very easter yellow fabric on the front. Everything was so colorful back then. After sitting it it for that many years, it really just hugs my body, I feel so comfortable in it.

After many years, my parents decided to have the redone in black leather and they still have them. The 7 chair has been produced in so many colors and variations, that it was so hard to decide. But the monochrome version of the 3107 chair produced by Fritz Hansen has powder coated legs and that made all the difference. They white legs really makes the beautiful silhouette of the chair, stand out.


The sideboard is from Bruno Mathsson bought on auktion, the fajance jug is from a vintage store in Copenhagen and the storage book is from August Sandgren.


Photos © September edit

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