Natural vibes in the bedroom

We are spending a third of our time in the bedroom, so it is important that we feel comfortable and relaxed in it. One step towards getting those natural vibes in the bedroom, is to decorate with natural materials, like the new wardrobe doors KIRKENES from IKEA. The living cork surface makes the room feel warm and you can relax in the knowledge that cork is even a recyclable material that comes from the long-lived corkscrew where the bark is regenerated and can be harvested many times.

KIRKEN’s doors come in two sizes and fit PAX wardrobe bodies, they last a long time because the surface of the cork is very durable and comes with a 10-year warranty. I have had the IKEA cork table from the Ilse Crawford collection for the last four years and it really lasts well.

Natural vibes in the bedroom IKEA closet


I really thin thsee cork doors could also be great in a kids room. They would work as a pinning board for new drawings an also help create a better acoustic in the room.

Natural vibes in the bedroom IKEA closet

Stylist: Anna Lenskog Belfrage. Stylistassistent: Alicia Sjöström. Photography: Ragnar Òmarsson

Source: IKEA Livet Hemma

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