Mute by Joanne Lu

Mute is a Fashion brand that I discovered through Instagram, Instagram is amazing that way! When I booked the ticket to San Francisco I knew that I had to located a shop or a studio to see more. Launched in October 2014 by Joanne Lu, Mute design limited edition collections in San Francisco and travel to China every season to help handcraft the clothes out of the studio in Shanghai. Joanne knew that she had to block out all the noise in order to create something real and pure, so she came up with the name Mute. A name that fits pretty well with the contemporary and timeless style.




Inspired by the mild Northern California climate, they do not follow traditional seasonal cycles in their design process. Rather, each piece is wearable year round and can be layered with ease or as a powerful piece on its own. Their international customer base includes buyers located in Shanghai, Taiwan, Paris, and all across the United States. I was so lucky to get the chance to visit the studio with very short notice. Joanne is a very talented and humbled woman with a great talent for quality and design and with a fetish for packaging, just like my self. It is always great to meet another creative mind and get inspired. I brought back two pieces with me that I had been eying out on instagram for a while…


Mute specializes in womenswear designed to illustrate the subtlety in style of our Chinese heritage. Each piece begins with a story and each story can be found in the knit, the shape, the texture, or in the pattern of the clothes. They emphasize quality, comfort, and detail so each item is durable and created for day-to-day life. All of their pieces are produced in limited batches from their handcrafted studio in Shanghai and carefully transported back to their temporary home in San Francisco.
Items are then carefully packaged and shipped from San Francisco onto their destinations.


A shelf with inspiring books, and packaging design at the Mute studio.

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