Color: Soothing Beige 12075 (Minerals)


Jotun just released their new color chart

I have long been wanted to change the color in my bedroom so I am thrilled that Jotun just launched their new 2019 color chart. The new color chart presents 28 contemporary colors that reflect trends and trends in modern urban lifestyles. The color chart contains three themes – three stories about personalities and mindset, spoken with colors. I am sharing a few of my favorites with you in this post, but there are so many more to choose from. I am thinking about using the color Space for the livingroom.



The identity CALM values ​​meaning rather than quantity. The focus is on the beautiful and simple Nordic minimalism and a Zen-inspired atmosphere. The soft, neutral shades and warmth of the CALM palette, subtle contrasts just reflect this.



The REFINED home has a curated expression where vintage treasures, rare design objects and art testify of exquisite sense of aesthetics. The palette’s yellow and green shades and harmonious accent colors allow the details to come true and emphasize the distinctiveness of the interior.



The identity RAW is terrestrial and appreciates the honest and true. The home reflects craftsmanship, a sense of nature and creative reuse. The palette’s warm earth colors and neutral gray shades underpin this rustic style.


Color: Varmgrå (warm grey) 0394

Color: LADY Pure 12078 Comfort Grey

Wall: LADY Pure Color 20120 Organic Red.Table: LADY Supreme Finish Matt 2024 Senses

Color: LADY Pure, LADY 12074 Peachy

Color: Space 10678

Color: LADY Minerals 0394 Varmgrå (Varmgrey)

Color: Modern Beige 12076

Color: LADY Supreme Finish Halvblank 7629 Antique Green

Refined Color:  Treasure 7628 combined with Calm Color: Comfort grey 12078

Color: Northern Mystic 7613

Color: Refresh 7627


 Colors: Devine 12083 and Tildøs (timeless) 1024

Color: LADY Pure Color 20118 Amber Red & 12075 soothing beige

Color: Senses 2024 (Minerals)

Color: Peachy 12074

Photos © Jotun

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