UP – A aesthetic and sustainable kitchen

After living with a kitchen with a wooden countertop for three years, I swore to myself that I would never get a wooden kitchen again (this one is a rental). But this just might be the exception. I don’t know how Reform does it, delivering so many amazing kitchen designs, one after another and all by well known and highly respected designers and architects. This time is no exception with the launch of the aesthetic and sustainable new kitchen – UP by Reform.

Reform’s founders have had a big wish and a dream through years to offer a sustainable kitchen design. Therefore, they teamed up with Danish Lendager Group – one of the leading architecture companies, when it comes to circular economics in sustainable buildings around the world. Lendager Group has exclusively rights to use Dinesen’s surplus wood, which was the last little part that made this collaboration the perfect fit.



UP the kitchen

A minimalistic design in solid wood with respect for materials and our environment. UP is a high-quality circular kitchen with surplus wood from the exclusive and world-renowned flooring manufacturer Dinesen. It’s a kitchen inspired by the classic craftsman kitchens. It is aesthetic, but at the same time helping to solve existing global issues. In UP, the natural qualities and recycling possibilities of materials have been essential to the design.



Lendager Group

Lendager Group has designed a kitchen where, in a unique collaboration with Dinesen, it uses the floor producer’s surplus tree. In an exclusive company like Dinesen, customer-specific solutions are produced, which generates large amounts of residual wood. The kitchen consists of cuts that are left when Dinesen has supplied floors to galleries, restaurants, mansions and the like. There will always be excuses, even though that tree is one of the things that has undergone one of the most exclusive processes you can imagine.




Since 1898, family business Dinesen has been driven by passion for wood and respect for nature. For four generations it has been about wood in the best quality and good craftsmanship when providing plank floors to unique customers; Each individual plank goes through 20 hands on its way through production to ensure quality.



Photos © Reform

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