The Three Piece House

We accidental found a house that we really like. We were not looking at houses at all and still love to live in Copenhagen, but this was just too good to pass by. So we saw it once and we saw it twice and know I can’t think of anything else. We might not get it at all, but I really godt confirmed in what I would like to live in. I love the funkis vibe that reminds me very much of the museum Louisiana located north of copenhagen. It is all about light, angels and materials. Beautiful high ceilings, wooden floors, and big windows. The Three Piece House located in Australia and made by TRIAS, is just that kind of house.

“There is an air of nostalgia to the Three Piece House, comprised of two pavilions and courtyards. It is a nod to a simpler time, whether in its reclaimed post-war era bricks, solid platform bases, or the 1970’s reverb for homes that sought to regionalise the Scandinavian courtyard models of Jorn Utzon and Alvar Aalto.

There is a careful attention to form and detail. TRIAS provide a response to site issues and create courtyard level changes that are both subtle and meaningful, demonstrating architectural skill but even greater promise. While reminiscent of a forgotten Australian suburbia, the project is open and friendly to the street, it offers something for the future: strategic solutions can provide valuable responses and work towards ‘less but better’. Three Piece House is a reminder that architecture is not dependent on large budgets or contextual appeal to be successful.”


Image Credits

Benjamin Hosking

Artworks by
Mazie Turner
Jordy Hewitt

Selected furniture from
Seeho Su
Armadillo & Co


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