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My minimal Christmas

With two days left to Christmas, I am putting the last final touches on the house. We are celebrating Christmas at home for the second time. It will be Carlas very first Christmas and even though she is too little to understand everything, I am still looking forward to experiencing it with her. When it comes to Christmas decorations I can’t get myself to go all in on red. It is not that I don’t like the color, but having it in my house for a whole month might be a bit overwhelming. Instead, I keep the colors simple focusing on green, white and brass.


In Denmark, we have a tradition where we light a candle every Sunday and this candleholder from Ferm living has been on my wishlist for the last three years. I have chosen to place it on my with some white flowers and pine branches. Next year I might hang it with some red berries but this is a candleholder that I think works all year around because it is so minimal.



We have never had a rug for the Christmas tree and it is really the final touch so this year I just had to get one. The tree and presents really stands out on this off-white rug has some beautiful golden ornaments and is not too big.



Beautiful brass ornaments are shining brightly on the Christmas tree and the more the marrier in my opinion. I might keep these all the way until Easter un a pretty branch instead.



And last but not least, a velvet stocking for Carla in a beautiful mustard color of course. The color of all colors this season. I know she will be checking it for presents the next many years to come.


Merry Christmas!


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