Marimekko is a Finnish design house celebrated worldwide for its original prints and colours. Founded in 1951 by a visionary woman Armi Ratia, Marimekko is said to be one of the world’s first real lifestyle brands combining fashion, bags and accessories as well as home decoration into one unique point of view.

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Over the years, Marimekko have remained true to their original mission of bringing joy to everyday moments. Through their timeless, distinctive and functional designs, they want to empower people to be happy as they are: to live their lives as they desire and to express their personality boldly through the way that they dress themselves and their homes.

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Marimekko creates clear products that do the job rather than complicated and fancy goods. People don’t want to be surrounded by anything unnecessary. At Marimekko, they work like the company belonged to all of them. You need to reach for the heights, but plain common sense has to be applied often rather than occasionally. Empty wishful thinking should not be cultivated at work – or in life.

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I have picked out my favourite pieces from the new Spring collection 2017. Even though I love their print, I was drawn to some of their more subtle designs and the green colours that really cought my eye, along with the wooden details on the Oiva tea pot. It all ads some warmth and hygge, to my minimalistic home.2017-03-03 03.25.45

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