Longing for spring with Skagerak

I already have my next warm holiday booked but the spring news from Skagerak has me longing for spring. The blooming flowers, warming sun and more hours outside with chilled wine.

Thinking of outdoor living brings up different images for different people. To some, it equals urban life with flourishing courtyards, rooftop dinners and sunset drinks on the balcony. Others instantly think of the suburban setting, with large gardens and porches, or of life in the countryside with farmhouses and summer cabins close to the sea. Skagerak has a great collection of timeless outdoor pieces that fits with every kind of outdoor life.


For more than 40 years, Skagerak have been developing long-lasting design that pays tribute to the outdoor life in all its variety and richness. All products are crafted exclusively from high-quality materials and designed with a timeless expression. Skagerak’s products are designed to lead a long and functional life through generations.

The Selandia two-seater is a new way to enjoy the outdoors, side by side. I like the idea of sitting close to each other and have deep conversations. It is a stunning piece of craftsmanship.

Quality is not only about the choice of materials, looks and function. True design quality can only be achieved when a product is made under the right conditions – in harmony with both people and planet. Skagerak recently introduced Reclassic – a take-back system where they offer to buy back your old Skagerak product when you buy a new one – provided that you have maintained it well. Such a wonderful idea.

Mira Lounge is a low seater with a laid-back expression in the same easy and airy style as the Mira Chair. Lightweight and strong, Mira Lounge is an international and contemporary lounge chair.
Photos by Skagerak

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