A clean home and a better work life balance

We are leaving for Spain tomorrow and I love coming home to a clean home. So today has been pretty busy with cleaning and tidying. If you are watching my stories on Instagram, you would know that this sideboard is pretty much my office. For weeks it has been covered in piles of magazines, boxes, photography equipment and styling props. I guess this it just how it is when you work from home and you don’t have a extra room for an office.

When I am home with Carla, I work on and off during the day and it often results in an open laptop and styling props on the table. I am trying to be as officiant as possible, but some days it is just impossible to get anything done. I guess the work life balance is something that comes with time. These are three advice I try to keep in mind to keep a good work life balance.


Let go of perfection

This one is one I am really working one. I try not to let perfection get in the way. Sometimes it is the smallest things that bug my eye and no one would ever notice it. You just have to kill your darlings and get it out there otherwise it just stays on the paper. So get it out there!


Limit time-wasting

When most of your work consists of answering e-mails, editing photos and writing, it is easy to get lost in your digital devices for hours. I try (very hard) not to spend all of my time on Instagram and Pinterest. Instead I try to stick with time frames through out the day. I use some time in the morning and evening to answer all messages and comments. That way I can put the phone down and play with my daughter when she is awake. Of course I use the phone to take a hundred photos of her but that is something else.



Having your own business often mean work all the time, on and of but it is not alway the best idea for getting anything done. It is kind of having kids. Sometimes you need a day out of the house to be a great Mom when you come home. Unplugging creates energi and makes room for new ideas. I rarely get any good idea sitting in front of the computer. They always come to be when I am on my way to something or just before I go to bed. That is why I keep a notebook on my nightstand to write them down so I went forget. So remember to unplug if you feel blocked or low on energy, it really works wonders!



a good work life balance



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